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Coloring Books Have A History - Since When?

Since the Year 1880. The first coloring books were published in the United States by brother artists John and Edward McLoughlin.

Coloring books pages have black line drawings. The most popular coloring tool is crayons, followed by colored pencils, paint, and markers.

Paint was used on the images before crayon wax become popular in the 1930's.

Color inside the lines or outside the lines? There is no right or wrong way. Decorating inside the lines promote purpose: attention to details, understanding of familiar objects, order, and the discipline of self-control.

Outside the lines coloring is simply a child making magic.

Surprisingly, the magic has gone beyond childhood fun to academic, medical, and psychological uses.

Coloring activities are restful, stress free, stimulates memory and individual creativity.

Many successful fine artists, commercial artists, and street graffiti artists enjoyed coloring books when they were kids...

So, coloring books along with roller skates, marbles, and paper dolls are a pleasant enrichment of any child's life.

By ColoringBuddyMike

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