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Edo Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution 2009

Cars Colouring Edo Ferrari Enzo Evolution

Cars Picture EDO Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution 2009

Crayon Wax An Exotic Ferrari Legend Race Car.

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Edo Ferrari Enzo Picture Coloring

Edo Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution Printable

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Print Out Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution Car

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Exclusive LaFerrari 2014

LaFerrari Car Coloring

LaFerrari Car Colouring Page

La Ferrari Car Coloring

La Ferrari Car Coloring Picture

La Ferrari Car Colouring

La Ferrari Car Printable

LaFerrari is a super sports car made for 499 people. It has a combustion engine with an electric turbo like motor. This causes the engine to be turned off when the car is coasting, or braking yet restarts immediately. V12 - 963 hp - 200 mph

Ferrari Supercar Racing

Ferrari 458 Italia 2011
Kids Ferrari Cars Coloring
Difficult Coloring of Ferarri Enzo

Coloring Pages Kids Ferrari 458

Coloring Kids Ferrari 458 Italia 2011

Ferrari 458 Cars Coloring for Kids

Ferrari 458 Italia 2011 Cars Coloring for Kids

Hard Colouring Page of Ferarri Enzo

Hard Coloring Page of Ferarri Enzo

Ferrari Driving Experiences

By Patrick McAleenan

Ferrari... Is there really any more to say?

The word Ferrari is one of those universal brands.

Almost everyone knows what it means and almost everyone can picture that flash of red roaring through twisty mountain roads. Ferrari is at the very pinnacle of the motoring world. Those that are fortunate enough to be rich enough to own a Ferrari of their own must certainly feel a sense of importance and success emanating from the car regardless of its worth. Not everyone can experience this feeling on a day-to-day basis of course and that's life. There is however, a better feeling. A feeling that anyone who seeks it can experience if they so wish.

What many people really want to do is get behind the wheel of one of these iconic red masterpieces and blast it full throttle around a race track of their choice for a tiny fraction of the cost of owning a Ferrari for themselves. Look at it this way: upwards of £100,000 will give you the chance of driving a Ferrari around your neighborhood to the shops to get some milk, but is that really what a Ferrari is for? Certainly not, a Ferrari needs to be unleashed into it's natural habitat, the race track, with you at the wheel. Ferrari driving experiences are therefore amongst the most popular driving experiences available...

Ferrari 248 Racing Car Colouring

Ferrari 248 F1 Racing Car Coloring Pictures

...Should you decide to take the opportunity to floor a raging Ferrari around a race track, you will be spoilt for choice regarding the location for this experience.

Many companies offer a range of nationwide locations at which Ferrari driving is available so it is a relatively simple task to find somewhere suitable and quite close by. The restrictions as to who can drive one of these cars varies between experience providers but it is generally the case that you need to be in good general health and hold a valid driving licence.

When you arrive you will be greeted and will attend a safety briefing. That should be a comforting statement bearing in mind that a 400bhp super car will be waiting for you to put the pedal to the metal. The briefing will let you know about the specific rules of the track and the conduct required of you. It's not all boring though, because you are then taught the basic principles of how to handle such a high powered car 'in anger' whilst sticking to the racing line of the track (the racing line is the quickest route around the track).

An instructor will then take you for a spin around the track in a sports hatchback so that you can get used to the forces involved in driving quickly whilst someone else is at the wheel. This will also help you to visualise what you were previously taught to ensure that you are properly equipped to handle the Ferrari. What happens next is really down to the individual company and the track at which the experience is booked. At some locations you will next be taken in a Porsche Cayman or an equivalent car so that you can get used to the track and the feel of speed first hand.

This type of car is certainly no slouch, with typically some 250bhp available at the ball of your right foot and to anyone who has perhaps only ever driven family cars this might come as quite of a shock. Once you have had a few laps of the track and have started to refine your racing line you will get straight out of the car and your instructor will hand you a key. Printed on this key will be a horse rearing up on its hind legs on a yellow background; the key to a Ferrari.

The Ferrari's available on these experience days are most commonly the Ferrari 360 which was produced from 1999 to 2005 or the 360's predecessor, the 355. If you found the 250 bhp car a little wild, you are sure to find one of these Ferrari's quite exhilarating indeed. Words simply cannot describe this experience....

Ferrari Colouring Pictures Ferrari 248

Ferrari Colouring Pictures of Ferrari 248 F1

...People often approach the concept of a super car experience day with the mindset that the instructor, who is placed in the with you, is there to ensure that you don't go too crazy and break the car.

Whilst this is to some extent true - your safety is their primary focus - those who experience a thrill ride in a Ferrari will often find that the only thing restricting them from going quicker is their own confidence.

It is very often the case that the instructor will be suggesting ways in which you can increase your speed and cornering ability rather than trying to slow you down. The instructors are professionals and are usually racing drivers themselves so you will probably have a hard time trying to push hard enough to make them break a sweat. You will certainly have no trouble with having an exhilarating drive at the wheel of a Ferrari.

It's not quite over yet. At many circuits you will then go straight from the main event (the Ferrari drive) into a further car. This is likely to be something of a racing thoroughbred such as a Formula Renault, which is the younger sibling to a Formula 1 car. These things stick to the road and corner like go-karts but offer the speed of a sports car. This is the chance for you to drive around the track with no instructor at your side because this type of car is almost invariably a single seater so it will just be you, the car and the track...very, very quickly!

A Ferrari driving experience is certainly something that everyone should consider, if not for themselves then perhaps for a loved one. It is one of the most spectacular feelings that a person can experience and that feeling is by no means out of reach of most peoples' pockets.

Red Letter Days provide high quality adventure and activity gifts for every occasion. Our wide range of gift experiences will solve any present buying dilemma. Purchase an activity gift voucher to give someone an unforgettable gift.

The End.

Ferrari Racing Engine

Coloring Page Ferrari F1 Engine

Cars Coloring of Ferrari F1 Motor Part

Ferrari Clothing

Ferrari Baseball Cap - Ferrari Gloves - Puma Ferrari Shoes

Cars Coloring Ferrari Baseball Cap

Cars Coloring Ferrari Baseball Cap

Coloring Pages of Ferrari Gloves

Coloring Page of Ferrari Gloves

Puma Ferrari Shoes Sports Coloring

Puma Ferrari Shoes Racing Sports Coloring

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Ferrari Formula 1: Ferrari Enzo

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Enzo Ferrari Coloringpage

Enzo Ferrari Colouring Page Free

Ferrari Enzo Picture to Color

Ferrari Enzo Picture to Color In

Ferrari Enzo for Children Coloring Activities

Ferrari Enzo Picture for Children Coloring Activities

Ferrari Supercars: Ferrari Enzo - Drive Supercars Fast

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Coloring Ferrari Enzo Super Cars

Enzo Ferrari Supercars Pictures To Print Out

Enzo Ferrari Supercars Pictures To Print Out

Enzo Ferrari Picture That You Can Download

Enzo Ferrari Pictures That You Can Download

Ferrari - The Most Super Exotic Sports Cars Ever?

Enzo Ferrari is one of the ten "Greatest Ferrari of all time". You decide.

Some guys say it is one of the hardest Ferrari to drive.
If you get a hold of one see if it is smooth or rough handling.

The super car is named in memory of Enzo Ferrari, master supercar creator.
399 Enzos were produced - starting in 2002.

The design plan of the Enzo? Create a street legal Formula 1 car. Oooh!
That sets Enzo apart from earlier Ferrari supercars.

Run momma's errands in record time!

  • Type: V12
  • Displacement: 5998 cc
  • Horsepower: 660 bhp @ 7800 rpm
  • Torque: 472 lb-ft @ 4700 rpm
  • Redline: 8200 rpm
  • 0-60 mph: 3.6 sec
  • 0-100 mph: 6.3 sec
  • Quarter Mile: 11 sec @ 130 mph

Enzo Ferrari Car Coloring Page

Print Off Enzo Ferrari Pictures at yescoloring.com

Print Off The Enzo Ferrari Picture

Breaking Your Crayons, Ferrari Coloring Boy?

  • Hold your crayons near the tip
  • Wrap crayon with clear scotch tape to prevent breaks
  • Slap a bandaid or duct tape around the crayons you already broke

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Ferrari Testarossa Koenig - Ferrari F2007 F1

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Coloring Ferrari Testarossa

Coloring Sheet Ferrari Testarossa Koenig

Coloring Page Ferrari F2007

Kids Coloring Page Ferrari F2007

Ferrari Scuderia

Ferrari Cool Cars Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages Ferrarri Scuderia

Scuderia Ferrari Car Colouring Pages Supercar Rally

Coloring Pages Free Ferrari Scuderia

Coloring Picture of Ferrari Scuderia Italian Supercar

Coloring Picture of Scuderia Ferrari

Coloring Picture of Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari Coloring For Kids

Coloring Pages Supercar Collectibles

Ferrari V4 Supercycle Concept Motorcycle

Coloring Picture of Ferrari Motorcycle

Colouring Sheet Ferrari Motorcycle

Coloring Sheet of Ferrari Motorcycle

Colouring Picture of Ferrari Motorcycle

Colouring Picture of the Ferrari Superbike Motorcycle

Ferrari Motorcycle Coloringpage

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