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NFC Teams: Atlanta Falcons - Carolina Panthers - New Orleans Saints - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Chicago Bears - Detroit Lions - Green Bay Packers - Minnesota Vikings - Dallas Cowboys - New York Giants - Philadelphia Eagles - Washington Redskins - Arizona Cardinals - San Francisco 49ers - Seattle Seahawks - St Louis Rams
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Wide Receiver - Wedgebuster - Guard - Defensive Tackles - Strong Safety - Nose Tackle - Running Backs - Placeholder - Victory - Fullback - Team Flag - Football Player Moves - Football Accessories: Football Rain Poncho - Helmets and Referee Cap - Football Shoe

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Free Football Coloring Pages of Quarterbacks - Offense Player - Reebok Shoe - Jersey - Shoulder Pads - Impact Shirts - Socks - Tact Glove - Balls - Playing Field - Stadium - Youth Player - Kids Article: "Football - Coloring Pages Kids Should Have Five Facts, Part One"

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Free Football Coloring Pages of Famous Sports Arenas: Georgia Dome - Dallas Cowboys - New Orleans Superdome - Cardinals Stadium - High School Stadium - Adidas Shoe - Gym Bag - Football Shirt - Nike Ball - Football Field - Kids Sports Article: "Football - Coloring Pages Kids Should Have Five Facts, Part Two"

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Free Football Coloring Pages: Wide Receivers - Wingback - Nickelback - Defensive Tackles - Linebackers - Strong Safety - Cornerback - Offensive Guard - Quarterback - Runningbacks - Upback - Tailback - Holder - Referee - Nike Football Shoes - Shoulder Pads - Trophy - Helmet and Ball - Kids Football Article: "Youth Football Speed Drills"

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Free Football Coloring Pages: Football Balls - Football Shirt - Adidas Shoe - Starter - Centers - Safety - Runningback - Quarterback - Linemen - Punter - Tightend - First Down - Interception - Rushing - Pass Complete - Cheerleader

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Weird But Beautiful Coloring: Football Girdle - Shooter Sleeve - Ball - Gloves - Mouth Guard and Chin Guard - Skull Cap - Tackle Shield - Training Sled - Impact Plyo Box - Quarterback - Wide Receiver - Long Snapper - Coach's Whistle - Pop Up Dummy - Rib Protector - Sunglasses - Forearm Pad

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Three Ways For Kids To Build A Professional Sports Reputation
By Michael Bennett

Now is the time to get sports scouts to look your way.

If you are a high school athlete, a college athlete, or an amateur sportsman, become known in your hometown, state, or country.

Today's famous athletes and sports legends master three basic career elements. Athletes like Dale Earnhardt Jr., Shaquille O'Neal and David Beckham always enhance their sports careers and earnings.
First, champions master their sports fundamentals.
Second, professional sportsmen are not shy or easily embarrassed.
Third, to become better known in their fields, athletes use the internet and media.

1) Handle Your Sports' Fundamentals.

Practice until you are good. Practice until you are one of the best. Practice and remain among the best in your sports game. Study the professional sports players' skills. The professional athlete sets the bar for performance standards. Develop your unique sports style of techniques or mannerisms...

2) Overcome Your Shyness.

Make yourself bold even if you do not want a sports career. Shyness turns fans off. All sports fans admire confident athletes. Sports fanatics will not interact with athletes who mumble, look down, or use poor body language. A sports fan enjoys sportsmen with good personalities.

You do not have to be humorous or loud if that is not your style. Even teammates and competitors respect players who look them in the eyes. Sports reporters give time to players who tell it like it is. Professional athletes, who are tough, but not hateful, keep the public coming back for more.

Learn how to speak in public. Learn how to dress and present yourself on television and public sports events and sports awards ceremonies. Let fans photograph you. It is easy to wave to sports game attendants. Talk to the fans before and after a game. Walk up and introduce yourself to people. Ask them what they liked about the game. They will remember you and follow your career.

3) Use The Internet And Media.

Set yourself up to get the university sports associations and national league sports teams to scout you. Let your future fans find you.

Learn how to write news articles and short stories for your school newspaper and hometown paper. Writing pays off big time.

Create your social media. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, your own sports blog and, or a sports website is easy to create and maintain. It does not have to be flashy.

State your sports stats and facts. Write about how you made a play. Tell about how you missed the ball, or shot or point. Give a shout out to your teammates and your sports opponents. Interview your coaches, sports medical doctors, school athletic directors, and the water boy! Do not forget the cheerleaders and pep squad! Interview a college scout, professional sports managers and sports directors. You can believe these men and women are not shy!

Establish good relationships your fans and your sports teams' fans. Upload videos of your best game moves on YouTube and other sports video websites. Get a video copy of your games from your school. Alternatively, hire or barter with a student video moviemaker to record your games.

Remember to give interviews to local newspapers, state magazines and regional publications. Provide photographs of yourself - a professional sports portrait and recent game pictures. Hire a good photographer to take pictures of you during the game...

Another important career builder is local endorsements and sponsorships.

Get your local businesses to help with your training expenses, sports travel and athletic equipment costs.

Make sure to get sports legal advice about endorsements, sponsorships and being a spokesperson. (This will be a good time to overcome your fears of professional sports advisors.) Do not cross the line between amateur athlete and professional athlete. Find out the rules and regulations about money or gifts from neighborhood businesses or individuals.

When it is your time to join a professional team or sporting event you will be ready. You will know how to handle your professional sports lifestyle. It will become easy to hire good advisors in sports management, sports agents, law, sports merchandise, investments, taxes, finance, and public relations.
I'll wrap it up...
Start today, in building your solid sports foundation to earn thousands to millions dollars in sports activities.

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Use the Article Your Website or Blog...

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