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Gallaudet University

Gallaudet University, the world's only university with programs and services specifically designed to accommodate deaf and hard of hearing students.

Gallaudet is located in Washington DC, America. It was established in 1864, during the Civil War, by an Act of Congress. Its charter was signed by President Abraham Lincoln.

Deaf and hard of hearing undergraduate students can choose from a wide variety of majors leading to a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree.

Gallaudet University offers exemplary educational programs to deaf and hard of hearing students at all learning levels. The Kendall Demonstration Elementary School (KDES) serves infants and their parents and continues service through the eighth grade.

Gallaudet University Website

American Alphabet In Sign Language

Print American Sign Language Chart At Yes Coloring

  • Alphabets Sign Language Chart
  • Numbers Sign Language Chart
  • Fingerspell Letters and Numerals

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Finger Spelling A

Finger Spelling Alphabet A At Yes Coloring

Printable ABCs For Kids

Signing Alphabet Coloring: ABCD

American Fingerspelling B

American Fingerspelling Alphabet B At Yes Coloring

Letter C

American Alphabet In Sign Language Letter C At Yes Coloring

Letter D

Free Sign Language Alphabet D At Yes Coloring


Learning Sign Language Alphabets

Printout Letters E F G and H

ASL Letter E Printable

ASL Sign Language Letter E At Yes Coloring

English Letter F

English Alphabet in Sign Language Letter F At Yes Coloring

Learning Letter G

Learning Sign Language Letter G At Yes Coloring

Alfabet H

Basic Sign Language Alfabet H At Yes Coloring

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American Letters in Sign Language

Make Sign Language Games with I J K and L

Printable Letter I

Printable Sign Language Letter I At Yes Coloring

Print Out Alphabet J

Print Out Sign Language Alphabet J At Yes Coloring

Letter K

USA Alphabet In Sign Language Letter K At Yes Coloring

Letter L

Free Signing Language Letter L At Yes Coloring

You Are Here: ASL Learn Sign Language Printables

Headquarters: Sign Language

Headquarters: All Alphabets

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Make Sign Language Flashcards

Printout Symbols M N O P and Q

Fingerspelling M

American Sign Language Symbol M At Yes Coloring

Fingerspelling Letter N

Fingerspelling Letter Signing Symbol N At Yes Coloring

Letter O

Free Signing Language Letter Alphabet O At Yes Coloring

Letter P

Free Alphabet Sign Language Letter P At Yes Coloring

Alphabet Q

Printable Fingerspelling Symbol Alphabet Q At Yes Coloring

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Print Free Sign Language Letters R S T U and V

Alfabet R

Printable Sign Language Alfabet R At Yes Coloring

Letter S

Sign Language Alphabet Printable Letter S At Yes Coloring

Letter T

Basic Sign Language Letter T At Yes Coloring

Alphabet U

ASL Basic Sign Language Alphabet U At Yes Coloring

Learning Alphabet V

Learning Sign Language Alphabet V At Yes Coloring

Print Out ASL Alphabets W X Y and Z

Kids Learn Alphabet W

Learn Sign Language Alphabet W At Yes Coloring

Alphabet X

Learning Sign Language Alphabet X At Yes Coloring

Alphabet Y

Printable Sign Language Alphabet Y At Yes Coloring

Alphabet Z

Sign Language American Alphabet Z At Yes Coloring

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Sign Language ASL Alphabets Free ASL Learn Signing Language Printables

Free Signing Numbers 0 1 2 3 and 4

Print Out ASL Numeral Zero/0

Print ASL Sign Language Number Zero/0 At Yes Coloring

Number One/1

American Sign Language Number One/1 At Yes Coloring


Babies Sign Language Number Two/2 At Yes Coloring

Number Three/3

Free Sign Language Symbol Number Three/3 At Yes Coloring

Number Four/4

Printable Sign Language Number Four/4 At Yes Coloring

Children Sign Language Learning Of Numbers 5 6 7 8 and 9

Printout Five/5

Printout Signing Number Five/5 At Yes Coloring

Number Six/6 For Kids

American Sign Language Number Six/6 For Kids At Yes Coloring

Number Seven/7

Basic Sign Language Number Seven/7

Number Eight/8

Printable Sign Language Number Eight/8

Number Nine/9

Printable Sign Language Symbol Number Nine/9 At Yes Coloring

Learn Sign Language Numbers Chart

Gallaudet Numbers Chart Printable

American Sign Language Numbers Chart At Yes Coloring

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