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Tall Ship Concordia Picture to Print

Tall Ship Concordia Picture Printable

Tall Sailing Ship - Click Ships Pictures to Print Out

Full Rigged Ship to Printout

Full Rigged Ship to Print Out

Free to Print Full-Rigged Ship

Free to Print Full-Rigged Ship

Coloring Page of Sailing Ship

Coloring Page of Sailing Ship

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Rigged Sailing Vessels - Ships Coloring Page

Barque Ship Picture For Kids Coloring

Barque Ship Picture For Kids Coloring

Barquentine Sea Vessel Coloringpage

Sea Vessel Coloring Pages

Kids Coloring of Barquentine Ship

Kids Coloring of Barquentine Ship

Coloring Paper of Barquentine Ship

Free Coloring Paper of Barquentine Ship

Tall Ships - The Age Of Sail
By Brian McNeil

Tall Ships - the words conjure up a wonderful mix of impressions, square-rigged leviathans with towering masts and billowing sails, leaning majestically to the wind, of sleek schooners gliding gracefully across the water.

During the Age of Sail sailing ships dominated naval warfare and international trade.

It lasted, roughly from the 16th to the mid 19th century. It's an important period during which wind-powered sailing ships carried European settlers to many parts of the new world.

The Age of Sail began roughly from the Battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571. During a five hour battle, the main fleet of Ottoman war galleys, while sailing westward near Athens, were intercepted and defeated by Pope St. Pius V's Holy League force. The battle involved an estimated 490 vessels and 88,000 sailors and fighting troops. It was the last major naval battle fought largely between rowing vessels.

The great age ends some 300 years later in 1862 at the Battle of Hampton Roads during the American Civil War....

...The steam-powered CSS Virginia destroyed the wooden men-of-war sailing ships USS Cumberland and USS Congress. These events rendered sail power in warfare obsolete and opened the era of war between ironclad battleships.

Sailing ships continued to be economically viable for cargo transport as recently as the 1920s. They didn't require fuel; thus tended to operate more independently without a mainland support base.

The period in the later 1800s when the popularity and efficiency of commercial sailing vessels was at its peak is generally referred to as The Golden Age of Sail or the Clipper Ship era....

...It began on March 25th, 1849 when the sleek black hull of the tea clipper Sea Witch entered New York Harbor. It immediately preceded the era before paddle wheel and propeller-driven vessels began taking trade away from sailing ships.

Steam powered ships held a speed advantage and were rarely hindered by adverse winds. Freed from reliance on the trade winds, cargo could reach foreign ports in half the time. It is this factor that drove sailing ships aside.

Sailing vessels were pushed into narrower and narrower economic niches and gradually disappeared from commercial trade.

Today, they're economically viable for small scale coastal fishing, sail excursions and training and of course the Tall Ship Races.

Marine Accessories - Marine Weather Station - Windlass

Boat Colouring Marine Weather Station

Boat Coloring Sheets of Marine Weather Station

Ship Coloring of Windlass

Ship Coloring Paper of Windlass

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Free Sailing Ships Coloring Sheets

Full Rigged Ocean Vessel Coloring

Full Rigged Ocean Vessels Coloring

Cool Ship Coloring Sheet for Kids

Cool Ship Coloring Sheets for Kids

Print Pic of Square-Rigged Tall Ship

Print Picture of Square-Rigged Tall Ship

Three Mast Schooner Ship Printable

Three Mast Schooner Ship Printable

Saling Coloring For Kids To Print

Sailing Coloring Pages For Kids To Print

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Classic Ships Pictures To Color In

Ships Colorplate

Ships Colorplates

Boys Coloring Pages of Ships

Boys Coloring Pages of Ships

Free Tall Ship Picture You Can Print

Free Tall Ship Pictures You Can Print

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Ships Coloring Pages of Sailors Knots

Easy Coloring for Kids of Marine Knots

Easy Coloring for Kids of Marine Knots

Kids Boat Knots Coloring Pages

Kids Boat Knots Coloring Pages

Coloring Page of Boat Knots

Coloring Pages of Boat Knots

Coloring Sheets for Kids of Rope Knots for Boat Cleats

Imagenes de Sailors Knots

Imagenes de Sailors Knots

Print Out Boat Ties and Knots Picture

Print Off Boat Ties and Knots Pictures

Ships Coloringpages of Watercraft Rope Knots

Ships Coloring Pages of Watercraft Rope Knots

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