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Super Mario - A Short History
By Andy L

Super Mario is a classic game series created by Nintendo Entertainment System.

It stars an Italian plumber called Mario and his brother Luigi.

In most of the games, players are required to finish each level to be able to proceed to the other. In one of the games, the objective of it is to save Princess Peach from the hands of Bowser which is the ruler of the Koopas. The game could be played by two players as well as one.

Super Mario Bros could be considered one of the most successful games ever created as it has more than 40 million copies of it sold. This game may be the backbone of Nintendo's success in the gaming world as it survived during the video game crash during the 1980s. Due to the overwhelming success of Super Mario, the Mario Brothers are officially Nintendo's highest known mascot. Even its theme music is well known by a lot of people. It has been well used by a lot of video games as well.

There are additional items that would aid them with their quests. By collecting 100 coins, the life of the character would be increased by one. By collecting a certain mushroom, the characters will turn larger and these characters would be called Super Mario or Luigi. These characters are able to take two hits before losing one of their lives....

Super Mario - A Short History Part 2 Continued...

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Childrens Coloring Mario Galaxy 2

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