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Chevy Pickup History - Decades of Trucks
By Wendy Pan

Chevy pickup history began in 1918 when the first trucks went on sale.

They were a far cry from the Chevrolet trucks of today, but they made a huge impact on the world.

Man would now use motor power instead of animals for work and travel. A proud farmer or rancher standing beside his Chevy truck becomes a common sight.

William Durant and Louis Chevrolet
The Chevy truck grew out of one man's idea to build a truck that the average citizen could afford to purchase. William Durant teamed up with Louis Chevrolet to accomplish this task. They became a forceful pair. Chevrolet was driven by his love for racecars and Durant had an issue with General Motors. He had been forced out as head of General Motors, which he had founded. His Chevrolet earnings would get him back in...

The first trucks were crude compared to the streamlined versions of today.

Their basic feature was a chassis cowl with a 4-cylinder motor and transmission. It was the buyer's responsibility to provide the cab. These were usually purchased from outside companies, but often the buyers would build the cab themselves. It would be several years later before the trucks were offered with, or without, a cab.

Chevy trucks revved up for a ride to the top of the market. No trucks were manufactured in the company's early years. Eventually Chevy engineers began to design the vehicles for everyday family use to meet ever-changing roles. From Saturday night dates, to family vacations with a camper on the back, the trucks became a family icon.

1980s Bring Economic Problems
Chevy trucks had climbed upward at a steady pace from the beginning, edging out competitors. William Durant had certainly supplied the consumer with a dependable and affordable means of transportation. Then the energy crisis of the nineteen eighties hit the country. Chevrolet sales took a sharp decline. Chevrolet was faced with the challenge of making the truck more fuel-efficient. The engineers went to work and came up with a lighter version of their truck that once again drove their sales to the top...

...Chevy pickup history has seen many changes from the first ones built in 1918.

Today you can recline in leather seats, while enjoying air conditioning and music from your radio or DVD player. Do not be fooled by the frills. There has been a constant upgrade under the hood. Improved V8 truck engines, improved aerodynamics, along with features to keep up with the ever-important safety and environmental issues, has kept the Chevy truck at the top.

Once again, an energy crisis looms over the country. Look for Chevrolet to lead the way, as the car manufacturers endeavor to address the problem.

Old and Still Running
The fan clubs of Chevy trucks tells a story. This vehicle has earned the unwavering loyalty of its owners. When you see these thirty and even forty year old models in the car shows and on the roads, it is a tribute to their durability.

The End

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