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Learn About Us at YesColoring!

Big Mystery About Us Revealed!...

...YesColoring was formed for Coloring Buddy Mike's cousin who wanted coloring pages that are hard to color!

Okay, it's not that big of a mystery. I'm just saying...

I, Coloring Buddy Mike, could not find any difficult printables in the bookstores or on the internet.

There are plenty of easy coloring books for small and preschool kids, but none for preteen boys and girls.

Many kids lose interest in making their own drawings or do not develop their artistic skills.

They still have the pleasure of using crayons, colored pencils, pens, and markers. (Paint by Number is still popular even with grownups!)

That is why YesColoring takes coloring pages to the next level - Bold 'n Bossy!

About Us In the Beginning

The first coloring pages I created were of animals and dinosaurs. Boring! The boy wanted super cars, tractors, big rig trucks and such like. These were a hit.

His friends asked for coloring sheets of army soldiers, ships, cartoon characters, and sports stuff. I had to get busy!

I made a mistake by leaving shadows - gray tones - on a couple of the images. That was the BEST mistake I ever made! They were a bigger hit! The children loved it!

The most in demand coloring pages are with details and shadows of "real stuff"!
YesColoring is the only website where you will find them!

(You will find our printables on other websites. You know what happened don't you? They were pirated! But, forget about'em. Follow our name or logo on the coloring paper and start coming over here.)

The boys' girl buddies asked for coloring pages.
I created coloring sheets of flowers, Valentine's Day, and girls' sports.

But, I did not know enough about the multitude of girls' interests to meet their demands. So I stick to my strong suit - masculine art work.

Coloring Page Styles

There is a mixture of styles to the coloring pages.

Some are hand drawn; others are created with professional art graphics software.

Some of the pictures are created by other artists to whom we give credit.

Also, you will notice all the coloring pictures are not too fancy, but rugged! The kids like realism and differences.

This is a classic simple Black and White line drawing. Click for a bigger image to Print out or Pin.

simple Black and White line drawing

easy airforce airplane coloring page

This is a YesColoring signature detailed line drawing with shadows.

detailed line drawing with shadows

Learjet 85 airplane coloring page with details

Academic Background

My art education is in fine arts and commercial photography.

I taught photography to grade school art students. The same principles of color, light, perspective and shadows I taught them I apply to these illustrations.

Coloring Tips, How Tos, Tutorials, Activity Projects, History Articles, Facts and Stats, Jokes, Poems, and Videos are all waiting for you to discover them on YesColoring.

YesColoring Name

"What's up with all these website names: Coloring Pages Book For Kids Boys, Coloring Kids Boys, Coloring Buddy Mike, Coloring Pages For Kids Boys...?!"

Look, man, I had to learn websites are like magazines and TV shows. they need Short snappy Names. But, that's alright. I'm Good, Because...

Kids who are hospitalized or bedridden want coloring pages to print from a cool website. After trial and error I settled on the name YesColoring - easy to remember.

You have made us a top international website in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Russia, Australia, Japan and China!

(Did you know YesColoring is your world flags printables authority?!)

Social Media

YesColoring's Pinterest, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages need your shout outs about us, pins, likes, and thumbs ups!

Also, give YesColoring a heads up on your educational, and federal, state and local governments' websites and blogs for kids.

We appreciate your visits and kindnesses and revealing to you the Mysteries of YesColoring's Success.

Remember, Slide Crayon; always safe and free.

Your Coloring Buddy

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