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NEW! YesColoring 10 Manly Winter Christmas Colors Combo List

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The New Christmas Story

Jesus was unlike any other baby.
The baby born that night in Bethlehem was unique in all of history...

...A human father did not create Jesus. Jesus' father is the heavenly God.

God is a Spirit, an invisible man. He is the Creator of the universe. Jesus is a Spirit, an invisible man.

Jesus came to us in the flesh. Jesus was invisible, but God made him visible and touchable. You could shake hands with Jesus.

This is why Christmas is called the incarnation. Incarnation means: "in the flesh". You know... meat, bones, skin and blood.
Jesus was made of the same stuff as Adam, Eve and us.

Why would God do such a thing? Why would God have Jesus come as a baby? Why did He not appear in power and majesty as the grown up king He is?...

...It is easy to know. Jesus had to experience and to understand what we deal with from our babyhood to adulthood.
This was God's wise way to help us. Jesus understands us. Jesus loves us.

The End. Coloring Buddy Mike Writin'

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