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(01) Coolest Coloring Motorcycles!

Indian Chieftain Motorcycle Printable

Indian Chieftain Motorcycle Printable at YesColoring


21 Free Icy Coloring Motorcycles Of Real KTM, Indian And Ferrari Motorbikes!

Print Out Motorcycle Coloring Sheets Of Jacket, Motorcycle Boots Easy Coloring! Kinda Hard Coloring! Believe It! Color It!...

Indian Motorcycles Chieftain - Vintage - Classic

Indian Chieftain Motorcycle Rider Coloring Picture

Indian Chieftain Motorcycle Rider Coloring at YesColoring

Indian Vintage Motorcycle

Indian Vintage Motorcycle Coloring at YesColoring

Indian Classic Motorcycle

Indian Classic Motorcycle Coloring at YesColoring

Motorcycle Types - Three Fun Facts for Coloring Kids
Part 1 of 3

Motorcycle coloring kid, there are three, count'em...
Three main types of motorcycles:

  1. Street Motorcycles
  2. Off-road / Motocross Motorbikes
  3. Dual Purpose Motor Cycles

You will start your brain feeding with...
Street Motorcycles
Nine styles of street motorcycles make up the majority of motorcycles sold.

  1. Touring Motorcycles
  2. Cruiser Motorcycles
  3. Chopper Motorcycle
  4. Naked Motorcycles
  5. Sport Motorcycles
  6. Electric Motor Cycles
  7. Minibikes
  8. Mopeds
  9. Scooters...

1) Touring Motorcycles
Touring Motorcycles have radios, cd players and warm upright seating for your and your passenger's comfort. They have luggage racks and large fairings. Touring Bikes have windshields that keep bugs from smashing into your teeth. Large fuel tanks and progressive torque make long distance driving a pleasure...

2) Cruiser Motorcycles
Cruiser Motorcycles are small to large sized motorcycles.
Cruiser motor bikes are designed for comfort and good looks. The riding position on a cruiser places your feet forward. You sit upright or lean back a little for easy long-distance riding. This Western Saddle riding style is the way cowboys used to ride their horses. Cruisers have lots of chrome. You can customize it to fit your personality....

...3) Chopper Motorcycle
Chopper Motorcycles start out as factory-built cruiser motorcycles.
You strip and chop off everything not needed to move or stop the bike. You remove the engine and transmission. Now, cut up the frame to make it longer, lighter and lower. You build the front forks to stretch out away from the rider. The handlebars are set high. Put on performance parts, the engine and transmission, and weld everything back together. Get your custom paint job. Then let everyone "Ohh!" and "Ahh!" when you ride by...

4) Naked Motorcycles
Naked Motorcycles gain faster acceleration to get through stop and go traffic.
They do not have fairings or windshields to reduce drag. Naked standard bikes can have modern fuel injection and computer management. They are popular for city riding. Your riding position is high and upright for better visibility in heavy traffic. Stripped down to its guts is a naked muscle bike. Some guys stick with a traditional carburetor and twin rear shocks for their muscle motorcycles.

5) Sport Motorcycles
Sport Motorcycles are fast, light and sleek. Maximum performance for racing or exciting road riding sets them apart. They have full fairings. The rider must deep lean forward to cut through the air. Super sports bikes and hyper sports bikes have engine sizes from 600 cc up to 1400 cc. A motorcycle coloring kid can move through time and space at very high speeds that can exceed 180 mph.

6) Electric Motor Cycles
Electric Motor Cycles use batteries instead of liquid fuel for their motors. Their motors are quiet, quiet - Shhhh. Electric motorcycles are good for short runs around the neighborhood...

7) Minibikes
Minibikes are very small street bikes. Minibikes can get up to 40mph. Mini bikes are most coloring pages boys first motorcycle. There is no sense in springing for a big chopper if you, coloring sheet kid, do not like to ride...

8) Mopeds
Mopeds are half bicycle and half motorcycle with an engine that is less than 50cc. Mopeds can run 19-30 mph. Mopeds are a small, light, inexpensive way of getting around from city hall and to the courthouse or around your block. A moped can be started by pedaling. Motorcycle with pedals means moped...

9) Scooters
Scooters are motorcycles with a step-through frame, forward fairing and floorboards. They have automatic transmissions, small engines and smaller wheels than a traditional motorcycle. These are good for running errands in town, also.

We will wrap it up...
Motorbike coloring pictures kid, you learned:
Street motorcycles come in nine styles, and hundreds of models. Street motorcycles are the most popular motorcycles sold.
Now, go teach another motorcycle coloring page boy what you know.
End Part One

Keep Rolling with "Motorcycle Types - Three Fun Facts" - Part 2 Off-road / Motocross Motorbikes

Ferrari Superbike V4
Coloring Motorcycle Picture of Ferrari Concept Bike

Ferrari Motorcycle (rear view)

Colouring of Ferrari Motorcycle at YesColoring

Ferrari Street Bike (front view)

Ferrari Motorcycle Coloring at YesColoring

Ferrari Concept Motorcycle (side view)

Coloring Ferrari Motorcycle at YesColoring

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KTM Motorcycles Pictures To Print

KTM 990 Adventure Baja - KTM 990 Super Duke - KTM 1190

KTM 990 Adventure Baja

KTM 990 Baja Motorcycle Picture

KTM 1190

Motorcycle Coloring KTM 1190

KTM 990 Super Duke

Motorcycle Coloring KTM 990

KTM 990 Super Duke

Print Motorcycle Picture of KTM 990

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Coloring Page of Motorcycle Rider - Motorcycle Jacket - Motorcycle Boots

Motorcycle Rider

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