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Interesting Chess Facts
By John Sokol

Chess originated in India in the 6th century.

It was called "chaturanga", which means literary "four divisions of the military". Another theory is that is started in China around the 2nd century BC.

Chess reached Europe and Russia around the 10th century. What we do know is that today Chess Games are held any where, in homes, at clubs, online and by mail either for recreation or in a competition or tournament. The most important aim of the game is to checkmate the opponent's king!

Most chess players, who evolved into the great masters, started at an early age. World chess champion J. Capablanca began to play chess at the age of four after seeing his father play many games of chess. Anatoly Karpov was trained in the game of chess at four as well and then went on to become a grandmaster and world chess champion....

"International Grandmaster" is one of the highest chess titles you can receive.
J. Polgar achieved this at the age of 15. Bobby Fischer was awarded this title at 14 years old. Maybe it's easier to learn how to play chess at an early age but of course chess isn't only for the very young, it's popular with all ages.

Chess games can last hours or minutes depending on the skill of the players or even their fortune. It is unbelievable but there have been games which involved only 1 move, amazing!

The longest chess match ever recorded was between Nikolic and Arsovic, held in Yugoslavia in 1989. This chess game involved 269 moves and took over 20 hours to play and no one won. In 1977, skilled Czechoslovakian Vlastimil Hort played 550 opponents, 201 of them simultaneously...

Chess sets are not only practical and simple; many of them are beautifully crafted and unique.

If you already know how to play chess why not treat yourself and upgrade your chess board and chess pieces with a quality set? If you never played before but you want to start then all you need to do is purchase yourself a basic chess set and you can start learning how to play chess today. Oh, and you will need a willing partner of course!

Chess Game Coloring Pages of King, Queen, Bishop, Rook, Knight, Pawn and Chess Set

Medieval Chess King Piece

free coloring Medieval chess king at YesColoring

Medieval Chess Queen

Medieval Chess Queen Coloring Page at YesColoring

Medieval Chess Bishop

Medieval Chess Printout of Bishop at YesColoring

Medieval Chess Rook

Kids Coloringpage of Medieval Chess Rook at YesColoring

Medieval Knight Chess Piece

Easy Coloring of Medieval Knight Chess Piece at YesColoring

Print Picture of Pawn Medieval Chess Piece

Print Picture of Pawn Medieval Chess Piece at YesColoring

Medieval Chess Set

Coloring Sheet of Medieval Chess Set at YesColoring

Modern Chess King Piece - Queen Chess Piece - Bishop
Chess Coloring Pages to Print 1 2 3 Easy

Modern Chess King

Print Out Picture Chess King Modern at YesColoring

Modern Chess Queen

Print Coloring Paper of Modern Chess Queen at YesColoring

Modern Bishop Chess

Colourable of Bishop Chess Modern Design at YesColoring

Childrens Coloring Pages Chess Bishop, Rook, Knight and Pawn - Modern Chess Set Design

Modern Chess Rook

Sports Color Page of Chess Rook at YesColoring

Modern Chess Knight

Kids Pictures to Print of Chess Knight Modern at YesColoring

Modern Chess Pawn

Free Modern Chess Pawn Picture to Colour at YesColoring

Modern Chess Set Game

Modern Chess Set Game at YesColoring

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Smooth Chess Coloring Pages To Print 1 2 3 Easy!

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Chess Board Game of English Bishop, Rook, Knight, Pawn and Chess Game Board.

English Chess King

English Chess King Coloring Drawing at YesColoring

English Queen Chess Piece

English Queen Chess Piece Printable at YesColoring

English Bishop

English Bishop Chess Print Off Picture at YesColoring

English Rook

English Rook Coloring Pictures To Print at YesColoring

English Chess Knight

Chess Knight Pitchers for Coloring at YesColoring

English Chess Pawn Picture

Print Out English Chess Pawn Picture at YesColoring

Coloring Pages to Print 1 English Chess Set

Coloring Pages to Print 1 English Chess Set at YesColoring

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Print Out These Chess Board or Checkerboard Outlines For Stencils and Art Projects

Blank Chess Board

Blank Chess Board Printable at YesColoring

Black and White Chess Board

Black and White Chess Board To Print Out at YesColoring

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Chess Pictures Printables

Chess Club Picture To Print Out

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Chess Knights Printables

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