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Try Other Domino Games Along With Their True Rules By Groshan Fabiola

Double 12 Dominoes contain ninety one Domino Tiles, 'Bones', or 'Cards', as they are also referred to.

These sets are perfect for bigger groups of players, for more simple 'Block' and Draw games. But they're even more perfect for more complex domino games, especially 'Train Games'.

Both Double Nine and Double 12 Dominoes are used, as a rule, for most of the 'Train Family' games. The principle rules of play are the same as the most traditional, and basic Domino Game. The number of tiles a player starts with can differ, but the minimum should be seven for Trains. Having a good 'Stock', to draw from, is also essential to Train Games.

But like the traditional game, and most of it's variations, the Leading Tile is always the highest double of the pack, ascending in selection. So, in a Double 12 Domino Set this would be the Double Twelve. If no doubles are 'out', then the Tiles are reshuffled...


The BIG difference with 'Train Games'? Each player must start their own 'Line' of Dominoes. With the classic Train Game, that means they must also lay a double, if they cannot lay a double, they must draw from the 'Stock', until they can. Once a player has their own 'Train' they must first lay a tile on their 'Line', after which, they're also able to lay ONE tile on EACH of their opponents Lines. The player who manages to lay all their Tiles wins the round, AND the points! PLUS, points for every spot their opponents have left in their hands.

One of the most popular variations, of the classic Train Game, is 'Mexican Train Dominos'. This game is often referred to as simply, Trains. Curiously, the US has never been 'hot' on Dominoes, as a rule. Despite it being HUGE in Latin America. But Mexican Train Dominos seems to have changed that, it being the new 'Mahong', so to speak. Right now, this popular variation, of the classic Train, has become very much the 'Hip n Kool' thing to do. It's increasingly popular throughout Europe too.

A Double Nine Domino set is the minimum best for this game. A Double Six Set can be used, for two players, but the 'Stock' tends to be a bit on the skimpy side. For more than three to eight players, Double 12 Dominos are quintessential... Ensuring all players start with a at least seven tiles, and a good 'Stock'. Allowing this great game to be enjoyed at it's very best...

There are several variations of the Classic Train Game. Mexican Train Dominos is a popular one, but some others you might have heard of are, 'Private Trains', 'Domino Trains', Chicken Foot and Cyprus. Double 12 Dominos offer players many more options, and the variety is abundant!

If you haven't played any of these games yet, why not take a look online? There are currently more than three MILLION people, all over the globe, playing Dominos Online! You will find lots of FREE Online Sites offering most of these games. A great way to get some practice in. Plus, you don't need as much space to play online, as you do with Double 12 Dominos! Or do not have a partner handy!

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