Free Coloring Pages to Print Help With Pictures!

See How To Print Different Images Sizes. Learn How to Save Printing Ink or Toner...

Free Coloring Pages to Print Help

How to Print Jumbo 8x10 Coloring Sheets With Any Printer:

Step 1: Create Your Coloring Desktop Folder
Right Click Your Desktop - Click New Folder
Give it a Name (ex: David Coloring Pages)

Step 1 Make Desktop Folder

Step 2: Now, On This Website Click The Coloring Picture You Want

Step 2 Click The Coloring Picture You Want

Step 3: Right Click Big Picture - Click Save Picture or Image As...

Step 3 Right Click Picture - Click Save Picture or Image

Step 4: Save In Your Coloring Desktop Folder
ex: David Coloring Pages

Step 4 Save In Your Coloring Desktop Folder

Last Step 5: Open Your Folder - Pick Your Picture
Print Full or (8x10) Page

Step 5 Pick Your Picture - Print Full or 8x10 Size

How to Resize for Small Images

One Sheet of Paper Can Hold Two 4x6 Images, Two 5x7s, Four 3.5x5s, Nine Wallet Images, and 35 Contact Sheet Images

Your pictures are ready. Heads Up: If Images Get Cropped. Unclick "Fit Picture to Frame"

Tips to Increase Paper Use

Print on Both Sides of Same Paper
Practice First With One or Two Sheets...

  • Choose Pictures to Print for First Side - Print Them
  • Now Take Those Printed Sheets - Turn Them Face Up
  • Put Them - Picture Face Up - Into Paper Tray
  • Choose and Print New Images for Second Side

Do Not Put a Crayon Wax Colored Paper Back Into Your Paper Tray! Coloring Buddy Mike Warned You, Man!

How to Save Ink and Toner

Check Your Printer Preferences Settings...

  • Set Printer to Fast or Quick Print
  • Resolution to 300 dpi (low resolution)
  • Do Not Use Color Ink or Toner for Black and White Images
  • Use Black Ink Jet Cartridges or Black Toner Cartridges That Fit Your Printer
  • Keep A Spare Black Cartridge Just For Coloring Pages, Stencils and Templates

School Teachers and Hardcore Coloring Kids, Use A Laser Printer That Uses Toner.

For Your Kids Website, School Resources, or Parenting Blog - Easy Select All, Copy and Paste
"Easy Tutorial: Resizing Printing Pictures at YesColoring"

Easy Tutorial Resizing Printing Pictures at Easy Tutorial: Resizing Printing Pictures at YesColoring


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Eyeball Featured Coloring Pages

  1. Minnesota State Coloring Day! Flag! Map! Official Flower!


    Minnesota Flag for Coloring at YesColoring

    Minnesota State Map Coloring Pages

    Minnesota State Map Coloring at YesColoring

    Minnesota Pink and White Lady's Slipper Coloring Book Flower

    Minnesota Lady's Slipper Printable at YesColoring

    Click State Name To See Color Photo of Its Flag Design


    ...Tell All Kids and Teachers To G…

    Need More? "Heck Yeah!" Print'em! Pin'em! Color'em!

  2. Mighty Minnesota Sports Coloring! Timberwolves! Vikings! Twins! Wild!

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    Minnesota Timberwolves Basketball coloring page To Print at YesColoring

    Minnesota Vikings

    Minnesota Vikings Football Helmet at YesColoring

    Minnesota Twins

    Minnesota Twins Coloring at YesColoring

    Minnesota Wild Hockey Colouring Pages To Print

    Minnesota Wild Hockey Picture You Can Print at YesColoring

    Click Pro Players Team Name for Color Picture To Match

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    Minnesota Vikings


    Need More? "Heck Yeah!" Print'em! Pin'em! Color'em!

  3. Cool Graffiti ABC Coloring Pages! Charts! Numbers! Exclamation Mark!

    ABC Printable Alphabet Chart

    Printable ABC Alphabet Chart at YesColoring

    Graffiti Letter A Coloring Page

    Graffiti Letter A Coloring at YesColoring

    Printout Graffiti Number One/1

    Printout Graffiti Number One/1 at YesColoring

    Alphabet Printable of Exclamation Mark

    Print Alphabet Exclamation Mark at YesColoring

    ...Tell Other Kids and Teachers To Get Cool Graffiti ABC Coloring Picture…

    Need More? "Heck Yeah!" Print'em! Pin'em! Color'em!

Pin Larger Pictures By MouseClicking It's Thumbnail.

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