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Your 19 Two-Fisted Drums Printables Of Toms, Cymbols, Conga, Djembe and Bongo Drums To Print Out. Plus Read The Kids Article "You Know Drums"...

Pounding Drums Printables! - All Safe To Print Out. Yeah!

Triple Tom Drums Printables Coloring

Triple Tom Drums Picture at YesColoring


You Know Drums
By Coloring Buddy Mike

You know the drum is a percussion musical instrument.

Percussion instruments are struck, scraped, rubbed, or slapped and they don't feel a thing!

You've heard that drums have a membrane. It is called a drumhead or drum skin. The drum head is struck and produces the sounds. The drum head can be made of polyester mylar or leather animal skin.

The shell of a drum body is usually made of wood. Trees of maple, birch, and poplar are popular with drummers. Some drum shells are made of metals like steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze. Hard plastics are, also, used to make drums.

The hardware that holds the drum together are made of steel or wood or strong plastic.

The Basic Drum Kit or Drum Trap Set

There are four fundamental drums that make up the drum kit. The snare drum, mounted tom, floor tom, and the bass drum.

  1. The drummers who cannot move around on the stage or studio need their instruments to stay put. Drum instruments for recording bands, entertainment musicians, or orchestra performers are mounted on three or four legged stands. Walking or running marching band musicians strap their drums onto their shoulders or waists.
  2. SNARE DRUMS create a short, snap crack sound. Snares are mounted on a stand.
  3. MOUNTED TOMS-TOMS are placed on a stand. Toms generate a moderate bass sound.
  4. FLOOR TOMS have their own legs to stand on. They have lower bass sound that is higher than the bass drum.
  5. BASS DRUMS have the lowest bass sound. The drum head is struck by a pedal or mallet.

Most beginner drummers use four drums to make their craft.

Did you know advanced drummers and professional drummers create complex trap sets? Their kits can have twelve or more drums, cymbols, bells, tambourines and other percussion instruments. They can pound each one with their eyes closed! Wow!

The End.

Print Picture of Tom Drums

Floor Tom Drum Picture Printable

Floor Tom Coloring Page at YesColoring

Mounted Tom Picture Printable

Mounted Tom Picture Printable at YesColoring

Drummers Cymbols Pictures Of
Hi Hat - Ride - Cymbols Set

Hi-Hat Cymbol Picture Printable

Hi-Hat Cymbol Coloring at YesColoring

Electronic Ride Cymbol

Electronic Ride Cymbol at YesColoring

Set of Cymbols

Set of Cymbols at YesColoring

Easy Kids Coloring of Drum Set

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Kids Coloring Of Drum Set

Kids Coloring Of Drum Set at YesColoring

Drum Kit Kids Printable

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Band Drums Easy Coloring Page for Kids

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Musical Instrument Drums

Drum Musical Coloring

Drum Set for Coloring Kids

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Kids Drum Kit

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