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The New Easter Story

Jesus died.

His friends mourned.

His enemies rejoiced. He went to a place named Hell.

...Why did Jesus die and go to Hell?
It was God's clever plan to give people a legal way to live with Him. God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus are a family. God is a family man.

...Why is there a legal way to live forever?
God gave His son, Adam, two gifts - the earth and eternal life. God's enemy Satan tricked Adam out of his precious gifts.

...Satan was jealous of God's son. Adam lied, and did not ask God to help him get back the gifts. God punished Adam for the sins of dishonor, lying and betrayal.

...Adam's eternal life ended. His nature changed to temporary life. A spirit called Death rules temporary life. We suffer Death because we are flesh and the children of sinful Adam. It is legal for sinners to die.

...Does God still want a family? Yes He does. God came up with a sweet strategy for all who want Him to be their Father.

...God sent Jesus to be lawfully born with both temporary life and eternal life.Jesus' mother was a child of sinful Adam. She had temporary life. Now, Jesus can enter legally into Hell.

...God made Jesus in Mary's womb by His Word. When God spoke, the Holy Spirit, made Jesus come to life in the flesh. Jesus' Spirit Father gave Him a sinless eternal life. Jesus is not a sinner, so He can lawfully come out of Hell.

...What happened in Hell? Jesus crushed Satan and Death. They, illegally, took a sinless man into Hell. That one unlawful blunder destroyed them and saved us. Jesus violently took back the gifts - the earth and eternal life - Adam gave away.

Jesus died to give God the family He wants. He rose from the dead to give eternal life and a new earth to all who want God as a Father.

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Easter Bible Printable of Jesus' Last Supper - Hands in Prayer

Easter Picture to Print of Jesus Prays

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Easter Coloring Page of Jesus Last Supper

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