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Kids Easter Article: How Jesus Kicked The Old Man To The Curb!

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How Jesus Kicked The Old Man To The Curb Not Once But Three Times!

Jesus fought the Old Man.

The Old Man did not want Jesus to get onto the cross.
The Old Man fought the Lord. Jesus beat that Old Man down.

...Jesus fought the Old Man?! Who is the Old Man? What did he do? What happened?!

The Old Man is the dirty dog spirit who lives and rules in us. The Old Man is your body, soul and senses. The Old Man is selfishness. He tricks our thoughts and ideas into doing wrong even when we want to do right.

...How did Jesus whip the Old Man? What did Jesus say? How did the fight start? What happened?!

The fight broke out when God, The Father, gave Jesus a command. Jesus' Father said, "You must die to give eternal life to as many people as I have given you."

...The Old Man said, "What?! Die?! I do not want my body to die! I do not care about the people. I only care about myself."

Jesus' Old Man told him, "I know you want to obey God but, I want to live. Tell God to let this cup pass from you." Jesus had to decide, obey God or obey his own desire to live and forget the people.

...Jesus decided. He kicked that Old Man to the curb.Jesus said, "Not as I will, but as my Father will."

The Old Man came back at Jesus: "Don't die, boy. Live so I can run things." Jesus gave him the boot a second time. "My spirit truly is ready, but my flesh is weak. Not as I will, but as my Father will. My Father runs things, I don't." ...

...The third time Jesus' Old Man swung and punched him extra hard. Jesus was under pressure! Jesus' sweat was as great drops of blood! The Lord, clinched his jaw, grunted, and balled his fist, "Not as I will, but as Thou will, O' Father!"

...That did it! That determination to obey God did it. Jesus would not let the Old Man rule over him. That dirty dog let Jesus alone!

...Then what happened?! Jesus put His body on that cross, stayed on that cross and died. God rewarded Jesus. God raised Jesus from the dead! He gave Jesus power over all flesh to do right and not do wrong. Now, that's power!

...Now you know how we kick the Old Man to the curb. We beat that dirty dog down until we do right. Jesus fought for himself. We have to fight for ourselves in everyday deeds.

Let's say:
Daddy said, "Finish your work." The Old Man says, "I know you want to obey daddy, but I want to play outside with our friends. Do your work later." You boldly tell the Old Man (out loud or silently), "I will finish my work."

Let's say:
Mama said, "Do not eat any more candy." Your belly says, "I know you want to obey Mama, but this is my favorite candy. Eat one. She'll never know." You command your belly two, three or four times, "You will not eat any candy."

You power fight that Old Man until he is gone. Believe me he will leave you alone, because you are the champion with power from Jesus. Jesus will fight with you.

Now kick that Old Man to the curb so you can do the right and not the wrong.

By Coloring Buddy Mike

Jesus's great fight broke out in the Garden of Gethsemane.
Matthew 26:26-46, Mark 14:32-42, Luke 22:39-46, John 17-18:14

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