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I love Daddy!

Print Out Your Sports Theme Father Day Coloring Pages To Honor Poppa and Granddaddy. Learn How To Write Dad A Letter! Wow! Give Dad A Printable Of His Favorite Game or Activity: Baseball, Football, Fishing...


Coloring Hands Of Father and Son

Coloring Hands Of Father and Son at YesColoring

Make Any Day Father's Day!

You can give Dad a present any day of the week. Use one of these coloring pages to express your affection. Show your admiration for your pop.

Do not be shy - tell papa point blank "I Love You, Daddy".


"#1 Dad" Greeting Coloring Page

#1 Dad Greeting Printable at YesColoring

"I Love My Smart Dad" With Book

I Love My Smart Dad With Book at YesColoring

"I Love My Dad" Mohawk Father Coloring Page

I Love My Dad Mohawk Father Coloring Page at YesColoring

"No Pop Is Like My Pop" Golf Printout

No Pop Is Like My Pop - Golf Printout at YesColoring

"Happy Fathers Day My Father" Hockey Player Picture

Happy Fathers Day My Father - Coloring Page Hockey at YesColoring

"I Love My Daddy" Boxers Printable

I Love My Daddy Boxers Printable at YesColoring

Thanks Dad - Honoring Dad This Father's Day
By Lilia L. Fallgatter

With Father's Day just a short time away, you may be wondering what you can do to truly honor Dad on this special day.

It may seem obvious, but have you thought of just simply saying "Thanks Dad. Thanks for all you have done for me and all you have been to me."

Father's Day is a perfect opportunity to express your feelings and appreciation to Dad for always being there for you; and for being a father who cared enough to provide for you, to care for you and to sacrifice so much for his family.

Although it may feel awkward and a bit uncomfortable, letting Dad know what he means to you will be a relief to you. In years to come you will be glad that you did not hold your feelings back. It will also be a gift to Dad with a value far greater than you can imagine....

...You can take this good deed even further, by putting your feelings on paper in a handwritten letter. Writing a letter will not just allow you to express your appreciation in a tangible way, but it can help you avoid the discomfort and awkwardness you may feel in saying these things aloud.

Beyond that, your letter may become a treasured keepsake for Dad that he can re-read in the years ahead. Once your letter is finished, add old photos to make it that much more special. Your letter can be given alone or can be added to other meaningful gifts.

For tips and guidance on letter-writing, get your copy of "The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write, How To Tell Loved Ones How You Feel - Before It's Too Late." The book is available at Lilia L. Fallgatter is a Motivational Speaker and Author.

Fathers Day Colouring Pictures - Good For Picture Frames!

Holiday Greetings Printouts

"Happy Fathers Day" Smiley Face

Happy Fathers Day - Smiley Face at YesColoring

"My Dad Best Dad" Ribbon

My Dad Best Dad Ribbon Fathers Day Coloring at YesColoring

"Daddy I Love You" Fathers Day Coloring Ribbon

Daddy I Love You Fathers Day Coloring Ribbon at YesColoring

Fathers Day Coloring Gift Ideas:

  • Classic Holiday Greetings - Baseball - Basketball
  • Fathers Day Printable: Golf - Football
  • Father Day Coloring Sheets: Boxing - Hockey
  • Fathers Day Coloring Pages: Tennis - Martial Arts
  • Kids Holiday Article: Thanks Dad - Honoring Dad This Father's Day

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Fathers Day Coloring Pages For Sports Fans

Fishing Rod - Soccer

"I Love You Daddy" Fishing Sports Coloring Printable

I Love Daddy Fishing Sports Coloring Printable at YesColoring

"Daddy I Love You" Soccer Sports Printable

Daddy I Love You  - Soccer Sports Coloring For Kids at YesColoring

"I Love My Dad" Fireman Hat and Axe

I Love My Dad - Fireman Hat and Axe Picture To Color at YesColoring

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Father's Day Coloring Pages

Fathers Day Printable For Grandfather, Too! Pirates Theme

"I Love You Daddy" Printout Cowboy Colorable

I Love You Daddy - Printout Cowboy Colorable at YesColoring

"I Love You Dad" Father Day Coloring Pages of Cowboy Saddle

I Love You Dad Coloring Page of Cowboy Saddle at YesColoring

"I Love Daddy" Coloring Cowboy Hat and Boots

I Love Daddy Coloring Cowboy Hat and Boots at YesColoring

"Old Salt Granpappy" Pirate Print Out

Old Salt Granpappy Pirate Print Out at YesColoring

"Me Handsome Pappy I Love Ye" Pirate Coloring Page

Me Handsome Pappy I Love Ye Pirate Coloring Page at YesColoring

"Happy Fathers Day" Pirate Coloring Sheet To Print

Happy Fathers Day - Pirate Coloring Sheet To Print at YesColoring

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There Is No Dad Like Your Dad

Coloring Happy Fathers Day - Baseball Theme

"You Are The Best Dad" Baseball Player Coloring Picture

You Are The Best Dad - Fathers Day Coloring Picture at YesColoring

"Happy Father Day" Kid Baseball Player

Happy Father Day - Kid Baseball Player at YesColoring

"No Pop Is Like My Pop" Baseball Pitcher Printable

No Pop Is Like My Pop Baseball Pitcher Printable at YesColoring

Free Father Day Coloring Pictures

Basketball - Football - Bodybuilder

"Happy Fathers Day" Basketball Coloring Page For Dad

Happy Fathers Day - Basketball Coloring Page For Dad at YesColoring

"Happy Fathers Day" - Football Coloring Sheet For Papa

Happy Fathers Day - Football Coloring Sheet For Papa at YesColoring

"I Love My Daddy" Bodybuilder Sports Picture For Father Day Coloring Pages

I Love My Daddy - Bodybuilder Sports Picture For Fathers Day at YesColoring

Free Coloring Pages To Print Father Day

Chess Game - Tennis Player - Martial Artist

"You Are #1 Father" Kids Coloring of Chess King

You Are #1 Father Kids Coloring of Chess King at YesColoring

"Happy Fathers Day" Free Coloring Sports Tennis

Happy Fathers Day - Free Coloring of Sports Tennis at YesColoring

"You Are #1 Dad" Karate Father Day Coloring Pages

You Are #1 Dad Karate Coloring For Fathers Day at YesColoring

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