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(05) Esteemed Flag Coloring Sheets!

Macau - Myanmar!

  Smooth Flag Coloring Sheets For School Projects, Home School, Travel, Crafts And Mom's Scrapbook Projects, Too! Macau! Macedonia! Madagascar!...


Free Flag Printable of
Macau - Macedonia - Madagascar - Malawi

Print Out Pages of Macau Flag

Print Out Pages of Macau Flag at YesColoring

Coloring Sheets For Macedonia Flag

Coloring Sheets For Macedonia Flag at YesColoring

Flag of Madagascar Printable

Flag of Madagascar Print Out at YesColoring

Flag Malawi Coloring For Kids

Flag Malawi Coloringpage For Kids at YesColoring
Click Government Name for Color Picture of Its Banner Design

These Nations' Flags Are On This Webpage

  • 1: Macau - Macedonia - Madagascar - Malawi
  • 2: Malaysia - Maldives - Mali - Malta
  • 3: Marshall Islands - Martinique - Mauritania - Mauritius
  • 4: Mexico - Micronesia - Moldova - Monaco
  • 5: Mongolia - Montenegro - Montserrat - Morocco
  • 6: Mozambique - Myanmar/Burma

Coloring Tips For Flags: A Colored Picture of Each Official Flag Opens In A New Window For Your Easy Viewing.

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Flag Coloring Sheets of Malaysia - Maldives - Mali - Malta

Coloring Pages Kids Malaysia Flag

Coloring Pages Kids Malaysia Flag at YesColoring

Print Pictures of the Maldives Flag

Maldives Flag at YesColoring

Flag Mali Coloring Picture

Coloring Picture Flag Mali at YesColoring

Malta Flag Pictures You Can Print

Malta Flag Pictures You Can Print at YesColoring
Click Country's Name for Color Photograph of Its Flag Design

Kids Article: Flag Etiquette

Flag etiquette and flags have been a symbol of human achievement since ancient times.

Flags have been used to lead armies to victory and to claim ownership of vast territories.

...Flags stir up emotions in us that few other symbols can. Flags have always played an important role in general and maritime signaling and identification.

...That piece of cloth with its own exclusive design and colors of your nation, your country, that piece of cloth we simply call a flag is a symbol of who we are, what we believe in and where we belong.

It is an accepted fact that people respect the symbolism of the flag, whether it is your country's flag or another country's flag.

...The international protocol and flag etiquette is the same or very similar in all countries throughout the world.

...Flag etiquette is very strict and it is essential that flag protocols and rules are followed correctly. The following basic flag etiquette applies to all nations:

  1. National flag of the country
  2. State flag of the country
  3. Military flag of the country (in order of creation date)
  4. Other flags of the country

...The United Nations uses alphabetical order when presenting a national flag. The United Nations flag etiquette ensures that no one country's flag has precedence over another country's flag.

...Your country's flag should never be flown above another national flag on the same staff as this would suggest superiority or conversely, inferiority of one flag, or Nation over another.

...A country's flag should never be allowed to drag along the ground. If a country's flag becomes tattered or faded, it should be removed and replaced with a new flag.

...Due care and consideration must be taken to ensure that the flag is always flown the correct way up. If a country's flag is in such a condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem of display, it should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning in private with all due care and respect.

The End.

World Flags Coloring of Marshall Islands - Martinique - Mauritania - Mauritius

Marshall Islands Flag Picture You Can Print

Marshall Islands Flag Pictures at YesColoring

Martinique Flag Coloring Page With Name

Martinique Flag Coloring at YesColoring

Flag Mauritania Coloring Pages Free

Flag Mauritania Coloring Page Free at YesColoring

Coloring Sheet Flag Mauritius

Coloring Book Sheet Flag Mauritius at YesColoring
Click Country Name For Flag Pattern and Colors Picture
Marshall Islands

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Esteemed Flag Coloring Sheets 05:

All Flags Headquarters

Flag Coloring Sheets at YesColoring

Kids, give a donation of 20-30 ribbon wrapped coloring pages to children's hospitals, orphanages, church and day care centers. It is easy to give: Go to hospital, go to nurse's station, hand her/him your coloring sheets!

Country Flag Coloring Pages for For Education and Arts and Crafts
Mexico - Micronesia - Moldova - Monaco

Mexico World Flags Coloring

Colouring Pages Kids Mexico Flag at YesColoring

Print Off Flag Coloring Sheets of Micronesia Picture

Print Off Flag of Micronesia at YesColoring

Moldova Flag Coloring for Kids

Flag Coloring Moldova at YesColoring

Monaco Nation Coloring Page of Flag

ColoringPage Flag of Monaco Nation at YesColoring
Click Nation's Name for Colored Picture of Its Flag Decor

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Flag Coloring Sheets of Mongolia - Montenegro - Montserrat - Morocco

Mongolia National Flag Coloring Sheets

Mongolia Flag Coloring Sheet at YesColoring

Montenegro Flag Coloring Picture to Print

Colouring Montenegro Flag at YesColoring

Montserrat Flag Picture That You Can Color

Montserrat Flag Coloring at YesColoring

Morocco World Flag for Coloring Pages Kids

Morocco Flag Coloring Pages Kids at YesColoring
Click Name of Nation to Match Colors of Its Flag

Flag Coloring Sheets For Mozambique - Myanmar/Burma

Mozambique Flag Coloring Sheets

Mozambique Flag Coloring at YesColoring
Click Governments Names for Color Picture of Their Flags Decorations

Myanmar/Burma Flag Coloring Sheets To Print Out

Myanmar-Burma Flag To Print at YesColoring


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