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A Look at the Anatomy of Orchids
By Carl Harrison

When you look at any orchid flowers, you probably notice how complex these plants are compared to other plants.

Despite the common thread of columns, petals and sepals, they vary in sizes and shapes.

Reproductive Parts of the Orchid Plant
Orchids have many distinct features including the column. In the column lies the male and female reproductive organs (these are known as the stamen and pistil) Despite the closeness of the two, orchids are not able to self-pollinate because of the rostellum, which acts as a barrier between the stamen and pistil. To pollinate, they must rely on insects like bees to make sure that they continue to exist and spawn new orchid varieties.

Pollination By Insects
Orchids need pollination to continue their existence as well as produce a copious amount of flowers and hybridization. For that reason, insects are valuable to them. How do orchids attract the insects to it? Actually, the plant emits the smell of insect sexual odors to bring them in. Other orchid flowers will have an appearance that will look threatening when blowing in the wind. The bee, which views this "threatening object", will attack it; thus it gets covered in pollen, ensuring its survival....

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Pollination By Human Hands
While the most common way to pollinate orchid flowers is by bringing in insects, it's not always necessary.
People who familiarize themselves with the anatomy of the orchid plant can pollinate the flower themselves.
How can you ensure the survival of your orchid plant? First, get acquainted with the parts of the flower. Horticulture books often have diagrams. You can also find the diagrams on the Internet. Second, when your flower is completely open, use a wooden toothpick to remove the pollina from the orchid's column. Transfer the pollina over to the stamina and place it on the sticky portion. You may have to manipulate the lip to get this process done. After you've pollinated the orchid, be sure to let the seedpod mature and send it off to be flasked.

Orchids Blooms
It's not uncommon for each orchid spike to produce up to 25 flowers. Blooms are quite durable and last for long periods of time. A spike that has wilted flowers on it will still sprout out more spikes with more flowers. Due to these types of blooms, orchids can flower for anywhere from six to eight months....

Beautiful Morning Orchid - Beautiful Ruby Orchid - Beauty Fantastic
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Environmental Conditions for Orchids
When you want your orchids to thrive, it's vitally important that they get the right conditions to do so. For instance, you want to be sure that it's got the proper lighting and temperatures that will make the orchid bloom.

Be sure to examine the orchid's leaves. Do they not show their vibrant colors? If not, then you need to make sure if it's getting the sunlight it needs or if it's getting a little bit too much sunlight. Lighting can affect the orchid's blooms. To solve this problem, you don't have to dramatically alter the light conditions. Instead, move your orchid over little by little until you notice the leaves are starting to revive their color and thrive.

Roots of Your Orchid
Keep an eye on your orchid's roots. When roots are crowded together, you're not likely to get a lot of blooms. You can take care of this issue by repotting the plant but this should be done in a careful manner....

Betties Beau Orchid Plant - Bleeding Heart
Cinnamon Stick Orchid - Circlet Orchid
Did You Know Orchids Are Among The Top Ten Popular Flowers?

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Watering Your Orchid Correctly
Make sure not to overwater your plant. Before you water, touch the growing medium you used to determine if it's wet or dry. Check that the plant has plenty of drainage so water doesn't become stagnate in the plant.

Orchid Temperatures
Orchids thrive well in temperatures of 65 to 75 degrees and these temperatures should be maintained if you want your orchid to keep its blooms.

Orchid Not Blooming - Get Some Help
There are times that, despite everything you do, your orchids just do not bloom. Before you give up, consider seeking professional help from greenhouse nursery staff. The staff can give you suggestions that can promote orchid growth and blooms. You can also turn to the Internet to find suggestions.

The End
Carl Harrison is an orchid enthusiast. For more great tips and advice on orchid flower tips, visit The Orchid Resource

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