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(03) Fierce Free Motorcycle Coloring Pages!

Slide Crayon On These Fiery Free Motorcycle Coloring Pages Of Honda V4 Concept, Husqvarna Nuda 900R, Buell 1125R And Read Kids Article: Four Motorcycle Helmets To Wear...


Suzuki Motorcycle

Suzuki Motorcycle Coloring at YesColoring

Motorcycle Helmets - Four Helmets for Coloring Kids to Wear"

Coloring Buddy Mike wants you to teach other coloring kids how to wear and shop for kids motorcycle helmets. Let's start...

Motorcycle Kid, one purpose of a motorcycle helmet is for the safety of your handsome face.

Your helmet's main job is to protect your head during painful dances with trees, pavement or anything else that cracks skulls. Motorcycle insurance and auto insurance can replace a busted Moto Guzzi.

Health insurance can handle your hospital bills. However, your helmet must help you enjoy motorcycle-riding adventures for many years to come. Look here, Harley Davidson kid, there are four basic motorcycle helmet types:

  1. Full Face Helmet
  2. Off-Road and Motocross Helmet
  3. Open Face Helmet
  4. Half Helmet

Full Face Helmet

A full-face helmet covers your entire head - the base of your skull, chin and jaw. The plastic see-through face shield swivels up and down. This shield keeps bugs, flying gravel, rain, wind and cold from you.

The helmet has air vents to keep you cool. The full-face helmet has the best protection. Do you know, according to personal injury insurers, the chin and jaw along with the skull are major areas that get busted up in an accident? Ouch!...

Motorcycle Safety Helmet

Motorcycle Safety Helmet Coloring Book Picture at YesColoring

...Off-Road and Motocross Helmet

An Off-Road or Motocross helmet has as extra long chin guard, and sun visor protection. The lower back of your skull and neck is well covered. The face area has no shield. You must wear goggles. The open face allows you to see more track obstacles and opponents.

Open Face Helmet

The open face helmet does not have chin armor or a face shield. Most motorcycle-coloring boys wear sunglasses or goggles when they ride with an open face helmet. Some open face helmets have sun visors. The back of your skull has protection. However, bees, locusts, gas fumes, rain and wind can attack your nose, eyes and mouth...

Motorcycle Helmet Coloring Sheet

Cool Motorcycle Helmet Coloring Sheet at YesColoring

motorcycle skull helmet coloring picture

motorcycle skull helmet coloring pic at YesColoring

...Half Helmet

The half helmet is more a fashion style than a protector of skulls. Your masculine beauty is at greater risk. The lower back of your skull and neck have no protection. The half helmet has an open face design. Your eyes, nose and mouth have no protection. The half helmet may slip off while you ride. A chin strap is necessary. Half helmets provide the minimum coverage allowed by USA helmet law. Motorcycle accident insurance firms frown upon half helmets, too...

Motorbike coloring boy, we will wrap it up...

Choose a full face, motocross helmet, or an open face helmet. A light color helmet will let Supercar drivers and Mack truck drivers see you better as you ride past them.

Remember: Your helmet-wearing goal is to protect your brain, your good looks and your precious life.
Your helmet must be shock absorbent. It must keep sharp sticks, glass and poles out of your head.
The chinstrap must not be loose, stretch or break. Get a helmet with sides' vision of 105 degrees.
Ditch a helmet with a chipped or damaged outer shell. Replace the whole helmet cos' crazy glue is not going to help it.
Enjoy your kids motorcycles, motorcycle gear and motorcycle accessories, coloring book kids.
The End.
By Coloring Buddy Mike

Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle color in page of Helmet

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Free Motorcycle Coloring Pages of Husqvarna Nuda 900R - Buell 1125R

Husqvarna Nuda 900R

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Buell 1125R

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