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Garbage Trucks Roll Along
To Keep Us Clean and Healthy

Garbage truck or dustbin lorry refers to a vehicle specially designed to collect waste.

The garbage collectors haul the collected waste to a solid waste treatment facility.
Common names for this type of severe work truck are trash truck and dump truck, dustcart, bin lorry and bin motor.

Three main types of rubbish trucks: Front Loaders, Rear Loaders and Side Loaders
Front loaders waste collection vehicles service large commercial waste containers known as Dumpsters. The truck uses automated forks on the front. The driver uses a joystick or levers to align the forks with sleeves on the waste container. The dumpster is lifted over the truck, flipped upside down and the waste or recyclable material is emptied into the vehicle's hopper. Then, the trash is compacted and pushed to the rear of the vehicle.

Rear loader refuse collection vehicles have an opening at the rear. The garbage man throws in waste bags or empties the contents of trash cans and recycle bins. Many sanitation departments use trucks with a lifting mechanism to automatically empty large curbside carts. The operator does not lift the waste by hand.

Side loader trucks are loaded from the side. Lift-equipped trucks are referred to as automated side loaders. They use specialized wheeled carts compatible with the truck's lift parts.

In the 1920s open-topped trucks were used to collect solid waste. But, due to foul odors and waste falling from the back, covered vehicles became common.
In 1937 George Dempster invented the Dempster-Dumpster system. Large waste containers with wheels were mechanically picked up and tipped into the garbage truck. His box-shaped containers are known as Dumpsters. Today, businesses like restaurants, hospitals, schools, apartment complexes, shopping malls, and factories use dumpsters.

Kids, wave to the garbage men. They help keep us clean and safe. They keep our neighborhoods attractive, too!
The End.
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