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Characteristics Of An Electric Guitar
By Brian Howard

One of the most sought after instrument that people want to play is the guitar.

A guitar is very easy to use, plus it is portable. You can definitely make the most out of your guitar, especially when it comes to an electric guitar because it allows you to modify and improve how it looks and sounds.

One of the unique characteristic of an electric guitar is its own ability to be enhanced. One way to do it is set your customize preference. Some would rather enjoy a more bass tone on the guitar while some like a treble type sounding tone. Tone is a major issue when it comes to sound of an electric guitar.

A guitar is driven by a few aspects when it comes to tone quality. One must know the type of wood that is used to have the body of the guitar and then know the kind of pick up placed to get the sound of the strings. These two when joined together will surely increase the level of tone quality of an electric guitar.

The body is one of the most important parts of the guitar because it brings the resonance out from the wood. Popular choices that are used: Basswood, Alder, Spruce, Swamp Ash, Mahogany, Walnut, Koa, Korina, Soft or Hard Maple, Lacewood, and Rosewood. The guitar tone is greatly influenced by the body wood since the body is the main part.

Here are suggested tones and their corresponding wood types that will create great tone: for low midrange: Mahogany, Spruce and Alder is the best choice. For high midrange: Walnut, Lacewood, Korina and Koa is your pick. For bass sound: basswood is considered. For high tone: the best choices are Swamp Ash, Maple and Rosewood.

Now, when it comes to pick ups, there are two types: single coil and humbucker. Various brands have come up to modify your sound and tone. The nature of a single coil is clear in sound in high bright tone. Having a humbucker brings a warm and flat sound that is ideal for distortion and high output sounds. Each gives a unique definition in sound.

These are the basis of a great sounding electric guitar. Be sure to listen to other famous guitar players and try to see what tone best suits your choice. Enjoy and have fun playing your guitar!

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