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4th of July Celebration!
Happy Independence Day America!

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Holidays Help Us Rejoice In Life
By Coloring Buddy Mike

We use holiday celebrations and family traditions to thank God for opportunities, achievements and blessings.

Each calendar season has a public gathering or private gathering of like-minded people for winter holidays, spring holidays, summer holidays and autumn holidays.

Anytime of the year you will find a holiday feast gathering. People cook special holiday food to express joy. Some people do not eat during their holidays. Fasting is the name of this holiday activity. Fasting celebrates the discipline of self or religious worship. Many folks have holiday food recipes but do not cook. What do they do? They have a meal at a luxury hotel, restaurant, or come over to your house!

Hold a holiday gala anywhere in the world, country, city, coast, farm, mountains, lake, desert, or the beach. Holiday travel and holiday vacations are important, too. People travel for different reasons or needs. You can enjoy a white Christmas in the tropics - if you fly in the snow! Get your airfare together to visit grandpa. Get to your family reunion by railway. Drive your beat up car from college to your family home.

Holiday decorations, arts and crafts, holiday fashions and holiday music help us communicate our worship, social style, culture and good cheer. When you enter a home, no matter if it is a house, apartment, condo, cottage, villa, room to let, military barrack, or dorm room, you know a special celebration is happening. People hold the same festive display of holiday decor in a holiday hotel accommodation, resort or cruise ship. Remember orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters and prisons. These places need holiday decorating and social gatherings, too....

...Remember gifts - a holiday gift is from your heart. You can make a holiday craft, go shopping for a gift, or give a greeting card. Every family or community has a way of giving gifts. (Use these free coloring pages to make good greeting cards. Here is How to make greeting cards.

Different religions and churches hold festive holiday programs for their congregations. Governments hold parades, fairs and ceremonies for religious and civic holidays.

Holidays can be serious affairs or flamboyant events. Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day and Thanksgiving can be solemn formal occasions. You will have exciting merry-making, revelry and fanfare for Fourth of July, Labor Day, Harvest Time, Carnival, and New Year's Parties.

We will wrap it up...
...Holiday activities are an important need for the rich or poor, strong or disabled, young or old. We enrich life with good Holiday traditions and get to-gathers.

The End

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