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How to Make Stencils - Templates!


How to Make Stencils in Four Easy Steps! Make Your Own Templates! Free Tutorial For Alphabet Templates, Numbers Stencils, And Maps, Too!

How to Make Stencils Templates
Four Simple Steps

Great For: Scrapbooks - Sports Posters - School Bulletin Boards - Church - Office - Arts and Crafts Projects - Birthday Cards - Holiday Cards - Christmas Ornaments!

Round Up:

  • Printed Coloring Pages
  • Get Clear .003 Acetate Sheet or Blank Stencil Sheet or Clear School Report Covers
  • Masking Tape
  • Exacto Knife
  • Artist Self-Healing Mat
  • or Plastic Flexible Kitchen Cutting Board
  • or Hardwood or plywood 24"x24"


  • Tape the coloring page onto the back of a stencil sheet.
  • Use clear .003 acetate sheet or blank stencil sheet or clear school report covers.
  • Cut out the image with the Exacto knife. Use a ruler - wood or steel - for clean straight edges.
  • Start at the top of the picture. Keep your hand above the cutting blade.
  • Un-tape the stencil. Remove loose pieces. Remove the paper from the back of the stencil sheet.

Your stencil is ready.

Make the Stencil Repositionable and Stickable
Two Easy Steps

Round Up:
Easy-Tack Spray Adhesive
Trash Bag or Kraft Paper or Newspaper

Work outside or near an open window

Turn your stencil over. Place it on the trash bag or kraft paper or newspaper.

Spray the adhesive on the backside of the stencil. Let dry. Respray. Let dry again.

Your repositionable stencil is ready.

Free Stencil Tips:
Uses - Storing - Cleaning

Stencil Uses:

  • Use your repositionable stencils on walls, boards, t-shirts, poster boards, etc. Roll it flat with a rolling pin, or drinking glass.

Storing Stencils:

  • Store your stickable stencils in plastic food wrap. Lay it in a flat container or a plastic folder.

Cleaning Stencils:

  • Clean the stencil with soap and water, or paint thinner. Remove the Easy-Tack adhesive with undiluted vinegar or Goo Gone.

Free Printable Version How You Can Make Stencils - Templates


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