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Ferocious Fighter Jet Planes Coloring (04)!


You Have The Best Unusual Cool Military Jet Planes Coloring Here!

• Collect Your 30 NASA Concept Aircraft And Air Force Jets Pictures...

• Eyeball The Kids Article "How To Get Started As A Military Air Warrior Pilot'.

• Below Is YesColoring's "Back In The Day" Airplane Coloring Pictures Video ("We Have To Crawl Before We Can Walk. Don't We?")...

Free Airplane Printable For Kids

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How To Get Started As A Military Air Warrior Pilot

Is your heart set on becoming a fighter pilot in the Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy?
Prepare your body, mind and heart today for your dream aviation career.

The basic physical requirements for you to meet are:

  • Vision: no eyeglasses, no contact lenses, color perception (Kids Ezine Article: How Color Works (on this website)
  • Be Allergy Free of: asthma or asthma after your teen years
  • Be Physically Fit: stamina, endurance, strength, running, situps, pullups, 18% - 22% body fat
  • Standing Height: 5'3'' to 6'4''

Education requirements:

  • Good school grades of C or better
  • Bachelor's Degree

Flying Requirements:

  • Private pilot's license

Get Involved:

  • Civil Air Patrol

Pilots must be disciplined, patience, clear of mind and heart. Learn to sacrifice, work hard and work smart. You can be a top gun pilot like so many other military flying aces.

Print Out Aircraft Coloring Pictures

Airplane coloring pictures for kids fun

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Make Your Coloring Book of Military Aviation and Fighter Jet Airplanes.

Jet Planes Coloring

  • Easy Airplane Coloring Page: Concept Airplanes
  • Hard Coloring Sheets To Print: Military Jet Planes of the Future
  • Kids Article: "How Start As A Military Air Warrior Pilot"

"My Picture Is Too Small!" See How To Print Out Jumbo 8x10 Images. Resize, Too!

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NASA Picture of Jet Airplane Concept

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Ferocious Fighter Jet Planes Coloring (06)

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Military Pilot

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