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(02) Mario Bros Coloring!

Don't cry boy, Mario Bros Coloring is here. Cool Super Mario coloring for kids of Mario Brothers, Boo the Ghost, Baddies, Princess...

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Cool Mario Bros Coloring

Dust off your crayons, man - it's Mario Games Printables Day! Easy Coloring of Nintendo Game Characters

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  • Kids Article: Reminiscing the Classic Super Mario

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Reminiscing the Classic Super Mario through Super Mario Flash Games
By Bunny

If you were a Super Mario fan, then you would have enjoyed playing different Super Mario versions being released time and time again.

The Super Mario Flash Game is a cool remake of the original Super Mario game.

The goal is still the same though: to collect coins and kill Koopas and Goombas. As you finish each level, you will then progress to the next challenging level until you get to rescue Princess Peach at long last!

However, if you are looking for a quick Super Mario Flash Game, then you can also try playing Jump Mario.
Playing this game needs skill and speed. You collect the most number of stars to increase your score. You can either get killed by Goombas blocking your way, or by the scrolling screen moving upwards in which case you can get trapped or stuck on a platform...

...Being able to reminisce all the Super Mario games would be exciting and interesting.

In the game titled Super Mario World Revived, all the enemies of Mario are gathered in different scenes combined into one.
Your goal would be to pass through each mini level by either totally avoiding enemies at the same time collecting coins.

No mushroom or stars here for Mario. His jump will be his best weapon. As simple as it may seem it is still challenging and at the same time entertaining.

No matter what Super Mario game you choose, these flash games are worth trying out. Each has its own unique game features that might suit you. A classic game will always be remembered and revived. Surely, we know for now that any games related to the Classic Super Mario are well worth our time playing. No doubt about it!

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