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Super Mario Games Revived
By Gen Wright

Many years ago, a fictitious character by the name of Super Mario was born in Japan.

It started out as a character in the game. But the game became so popular that soon everyone knows who Super Mario is. That is world wide fame we are talking about.

Before long, we start seeing Super Mario almost everywhere we go. In advertisements, product endorsements, on paper bags, stationery, etc. So what makes this game so popular that the whole world wants a piece of Super Mario? Let's rewind a little bit...

Super Mario in 2D
When Super Mario first appeared in a video game, it was a 2D game. Super Mario is a character in the game who is supposed to journey in many different virtual worlds in the hope of saving a little princess, who is imprisoned by a dragon that spits fire.

In these worlds, Super Mario has to overcome many difficulties. He may encounter slow moving tortoises, or he may have to jump over dangerous pits of fire. Whatever it is, at the end of the world, he will have to fight the dragon.

The only way he can beat the dragon is by jumping on its head several times. Obviously, this poses a challenge for the player because the dragon spits fire and is forever jumping around!...

...However, Super Mario is not without help. He can pick up mushrooms along the way, and grow into a giant Super Mario. The giant Super Mario does little, except that he now needs two hits before he kicks the bucket. But when he consumes a flower, Super Mario starts to have some additional abilities. He can now throw fireballs at his enemies. The only drawback is that the fire dragon is immune to his fireballs!

Super Mario Evolves
As this is an immensely popular game, the game continues to evolve. New versions of the Super Mario game gives new abilities to the character. The game becomes more challenging, and definitely more interesting. For instance, Super Mario can now fly, or he can change into a statue, thus rendering him immune to enemy attacks. He may also don a frog suit, which gives him enhanced swimming ability.

Super Mario in 3D
Today, Super Mario games come in 3D. Entire worlds are being built and the little character can explore these interesting worlds. The concept remains pretty much the same. Super Mario should still look out for tortoises, and passing mushrooms can still help him grow up.

Still, despite the evolution of the Super Mario game, some players prefer playing the game in 2D. The game has been revived by game developers, and you can now play classic Super Mario games for free online. There is no need to register. All you need is a browser with an internet connection, and lots of spare time!

The End

Mario Brothers - Mario Games Pictures to Color In

This coloring pages headquarters has 4 webpages, 90+ Super Mario Bros pictures for coloring.

  • Colouring Printables of: Luigi - Mario - Bowser - Koopa - Princess Peach
  • Free Mario Printables: Toadstool - Wario - Yoshi
  • Coloring Mario Characters: Star - Mushroom People - Luigi - Cheep-Cheep
  • Coloring Printouts of Waluigi - Koopa Troopa - Fire Flower
  • Mario Pictures Coloring of Boo the Ghost - Blooper the Squid - Bullet Bill
  • Mario Kids Coloring: Goomba - Donkey Kong - Bee Mario - Banana
  • Green Shell - Bob-omb - Blooper - Baby Mario - Bowser Jr
  • Mario World - Mario Galaxy - Mario Kart
  • Mario Basketball - Bowser Baseball - Mario Logo
  • Kids Article: Video Game Super Mario Games Revived

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