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(03) Rugged Motorcycle Coloring Book Pages!

Aprilia RSV4 R Road Motorycle

Hard Printable Aprilia RSV4 R


Who Else Wants Macho Motorcycle Coloring Book Pages?!

16 Free motorcycle coloringpages of Aprilia, Kawasaki, and Triumph.

Print out these coloring sheets of motorcycle helmets, boots, and mufflers!…

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Aprilia Dursoduro 1200 - Motor Cycle Racing Helmet Coloring Pictures

Aprilia Dursoduro 1200

Aprilia Motorcycle Printable at YesColoring

Motorcycle Helmet Printable For Kids

Motorcycle Helmet Printable For Kids at YesColoring

Motorcycle Types - Three Fun Facts Part 2 of 3

Motorbike coloring sheet kid, we will go over off-road / motocross motorcycle types.

Motor cycles driven hard on tracks, dirt trails or your family's front yard are called off-road and Motocross motorbikes.

  1. Motocross Motorcycles
  2. Supermotos Motorcycles
  3. Trials Motorcycles

Motocross Bikes are known as MX or MotoX. MX or MotoX means "Motorcycle" and "Cross Country".

These bikes are designed for racing over closed circuits, often with jumps, over mixed terrain of gravel and, or mud or sand. Sometimes simply called "dirt bikes" when not being raced, they can also be used for informal off-road recreation, or "mudding".

Supermotos came about in the 1990s. These "Supermotards" are motocross motorcycles.

They are outfitted with street wheels and tires similar to those used on sport bikes. Riders of these machines compete in special rallies and races - motocross and road racing.

Supermoto racetracks are tarmac with some dirt terrain.

Supermoto racing is slower - less than 100 mph. You race on short, twisty, turny tracks with jumps. Coloring sheet kid, your riding skills must payoff more than your motorcycle's performance to win these races...

...Trials Motorcycles are super light with no seats.
You perform standing up. Standing up demands maximum freedom of body control and stunt capability.

Judges observe you in timed trials competitions. Trials events have sections. You ride through an obstacle course. You must not touch the ground with your feet.

Each time you touch the ground with a foot your penalty is one point. This is a high skills motorcycle competition - so practice a lot.

Motorcycle coloring kid, you now know the difference between street motorcycles and off-road motorbikes. You can teach another motorcycle coloring book kid what you learn.

End Part Two - Off-road / Motocross Motorbikes...

Let's Finish With: Part 3: Dual Purpose Motor Cycles
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Kawasaki Ninja 636

Coloring Kawasaki Ninja 636 Motorcycle at YesColoring

Motorbikes Kawasaki NI250R - Kawasaki Cobra Vulcan 900 - Kawasaki ZX14R

Kawasaki NI250R

Motorcycle Coloring Kawasaki NI250R at YesColoring

Kawasaki NI250R

Coloring Motorcycle Kawasaki NI250R at YesColoring

Kawasaki Cobra Vulcan 900

Coloring Kawasaki Cobra Vulcan 900 Motorcycle at YesColoring

Kawasaki Motorcycle ZX14R

Children Coloring Kawasaki Motorcycle ZX14R at YesColoring

Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager 1700

Colorable of Kawasaki Vulcan Voyager 1700 Motorcycle at YesColoring

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Motorcycle

Coloring of Kawasaki Ninja 1000 Motorcycle at YesColoring

Motorcycle Racing Boots - Coloring Book Page Motorcycles Mufflers

Easy Motorcycle Coloring Book Page Picture

Easy Motorcycle Coloring Picture at YesColoring

Easy Drawing of Motorcycle Mufflers

Easy Drawing of The Motorcycle Muffler at YesColoring

These Bold 'n Bossy Coloring Pages Are Ready For You To Print Out and Color:

  • Aprilia Dursoduro 1200 and RSV4 R Motorbike Coloring Sheet
  • Kawasaki: ZX14R - NI250R - Cobra Vulcan 900 Coloring Pictures
  • Kawasaki Sports Bikes: Vulcan Voyager 1700 - Ninja 1000 Pictures Coloring
  • Print Pictures of Triumph: Street Triple - Daytona 675
  • Triumph Explorer - Bonneville T100 Motorcycle Printables
  • Motorcycle Gear: Motorcycle Racing Helmet - Racing Boots
  • Motorcycle Parts: Motorcycle Mufflers
  • Kids Article: "Motorcycle Types - Three Fun Facts" Part 2

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Triumph Sports Motorcycles: Street Triple - Explorer - Bonneville T100 - Daytona 675
Click Motorcycles Pictures Printables

Triumph Street Triple

Print Triumph Street Triple Race Motorcycle at YesColoring

Triumph Explorer

Triumph Explorer Race Motorcycle Printout Page at YesColoring

Triumph Motorcycle Bonneville T100

Color Triumph Motorcycle Bonneville T100 at YesColoring

Triumph Daytona

Free Triumph Daytona Printable at YesColoring


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