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(04) Big Boss Motorcycle Coloring!

Manhandle 22 Motorcycle Coloring of Superbikes and Rare Motorcycles. Slide Your Crayons On Ducati, Victory, Tomahawk, and MTT Super Cycles and Motorcycle Gear, Too!

Ducati 1098 Motorcycle Picture to Print Off

Ducati 1098 Motorcycle Pic to Print at YesColoring

Ducati 1098 - Diavel - Multistrada Motorcycle Pictures To Print Out

Ducati 1098

Free to Print Motorcycle Ducati 1098 at YesColoring

Ducati Diavel

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Ducati Multistrada

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"Motorcycle Rider Postures - Three Ways A Coloring Kid Can Ride"

By ColoringBuddyMike

Motorcycle kid, teach your buddies three ways to sit on a motorbike.

Tell them how a guy sits or stands on a moving motorcycle is studied with great seriousness.

Motorcycle makers, auto insurance, and motorcycle insurance companies want you to get everywhere safely.
Riding posture depends on the shape and angles of a coloring kid's arms, legs, torso, height and weight. Motorbike kids come in all sizes and shapes - tall, short; skinny, fat, wide; barrel-chested, bird-chested, pot-bellied.

Your motorcycle's geometry, its shape, height, weight and angles is the second factor in how you sit. It is a done deal, coloring kid, you can find a motor cycle to fit your body type.

These are three basic seating postures:

  1. Standard Seating Posture
  2. Sport Seating Posture
  3. Cruiser Seating Posture...

1) Standard Motorcycle Seating Posture
In the standard motorcycle seating position, you sit upright. You do not lean forward or backward.

Your bony knees are lower than your hips. They are positioned below your knees. You drive with excellent visibility at a higher seat height.

The trade-off is greater wind resistance and a higher center of gravity for turning corners and curves.

Have you seen riders with one foot flat on the ground and their other foot's toe touches the ground? They are not flat-footing. Their motorbike is off balance. They should have both feet flat on the pavement when standing still. Their seat or motorcycle height needs adjustment....

...2) Sport Motorcycle Seating Posture
In the sport motorcycle seating posture position, the motorbike coloring kid leans forward with his upper body. Your chest and stomach are over the motorcycle tank.

You are crouching, like a tiger, with your weight on your forearms. Your legs fold back, slightly. Your knees are at hip height or below.

Your feet are behind the knees. You have less wind resistance as you slice through time and space.

3) Cruiser Motorcycle Seating Posture
The cruiser motorcycle seating posture allows motorcycles kids to sit upright. You sit at lower seat height.

Your upper body is upright and leaning back. You are relaxed. Your bony knees are near hip height. Your stick arms and bird legs extended straight forward.

This position keeps the blood circulating in your legs so you won't tire to quickly. It is easy to flat-foot and balance your motor cycle while standing still.

Two disadvantages of the cruiser seating posture:

1. Other coloring book kids in traffic do not easily see you;

2. You suffer rump bumping when you hit something on the road.

A soft padded leather motorcycle seat will cushion your ride....

...Motorcycle kid, do you know about standing up on a moving motorcycle?
Trials Motorcycles, Off-Road, and Motocross Motorcycles require you to stand while riding.

Trials Motorcycles:
The motorcycles kid must stand up on a trial motorcycle. There is no seat to sit on. A trial motorcycle must carry your weight while you jump and fly through the air.

Off-Road and Motocross Motorcycles:
Off-road and Motocross Motorcycles have light frames and naked features for sitting and standing postures. They allow motorcycle colouring boys to stand up quickly from a seated or crouched position....

...Motor Cycle coloring kid, we will wrap it up. You learned:

Motorcycle makers must calculate height, angle, and placement of footrests, seats and handlebars. They also figure in a coloring kid's torso, arm, thigh, leg length, weight and height. All of this serious study makes motorcycle riding fun, safe, and easy on your body parts. You did a good job of learning, Motorcycle coloring kid.

The End.

Ducati Hypermotard
Motorcycle Gauges

Ducati Hypermotard

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Ducati Hypermotard Gauges

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Ducati Superbike Panigale 899 - Ducati Safety Helmet

Cool Picture Of Ducati Panigale 899

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Cool Sports Motorcycle Helmet

Cool Sports Motorcycle Helmet to Print at YesColoring

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The Victory Hammer - Arlen Ness

Victory Hammer

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Victory Arlen Ness

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Victory Vegas 8-Ball Motorcycle Stats

  • Engine Type 4-stroke 50° V-Twin
  • Valve Train Single overhead camshafts, 4 valves per cylinder, hydraulic-adjusting cam chains, hydraulic lifters
  • Fuel System Electronic Fuel Injection with 44mm throttle bodies
  • Fuel Capacity 4.5/17.0 U.S. gallons/liters
  • Exhaust Staggered slash-cut dual exhaust with common volume
  • Primary Drive Gear drive with torque compensator
  • Clutch Wet, multi-plate
  • Transmission 5-speed constant mesh

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