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NASCAR Dodge Avenger (Side View)

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NASCAR Dale Earnhardt, Jr vs Joey Logano

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How To Get Into NASCAR Racing
By Brittany Shaffer

Many people claim NASCAR is a non athletic, stupid sport where cars run around in circles for hours and hours and miles and miles with no point at all. This, however, is not true at all.

NASCAR is just as much a sport as football or soccer or basketball. NASCAR is not just a sport, but it's also a science. It's a science of figuring out just how to make your car's aerodynamics perfect for each track. It's also an art of finding out each driver's style of driving.

Perhaps you have started thinking about NASCAR and are looking for some ways to get into it. It's kind of hard at first if you do not have a lot of friends or family members who are interested, but it's not impossible.

Just a warning, some NASCAR fans get so addicted to the sport that it becomes their life and they insist on getting gear and watching every race and following many drivers. This article will give three ways that you can get into NASCAR...

NASCAR Driver Erik Jones Coloring Page

NASCAR Driver Erik Jones Coloring Page at Yes Coloring

Erik Jones NASCAR Truck Coloring Page

NASCAR Truck of Erik Jones Coloring Page at Yes Coloring

...First of all, you must come to realize that NASCAR is more than just cars going around in a circle. NASCAR means something different to everyone, so you may not see it the same way as others do.

However, you have to see something in it, besides cars going in circles. That's not exciting at all. It is exciting to watch 43 cars perform at their peak to pass the drivers in front of them. It is exciting to watch rookies rise from newbie drivers and become veterans.

It is fun to watch drivers navigate through tough corners and around debris and wreckage. It is exciting watching pit crews do routine (and not so routine) car maintenance at crazy fast speeds. You just have to find something to excite you about NASCAR. This is the main key.

Next, pick a driver to cheer for. NASCAR is so much more fun when you have someone in mind you are rooting for. In order to pick someone, you might want to watch a few races and see who you most enjoy.

You do not have to pick the winners. You can pick someone who's style you enjoy, or someone who's sponsor you like (for example, if you work at Home Depot, maybe you will want to cheer for Joey Logano).

Pick anyone you like. Then research them. Get online and find out a few things about them, such as when they started, what their records are, where they are from, etc.

Maybe even join a fan club. Then when you watch races, keep on eye on them and what they are doing each race. Maybe they are getting better. See what helps that happen and cheer for them!...

Jeff Gordon Coloring Pages NASCAR

Gordon Coloringpages NASCAR at Yes Coloring

Jeff Gordon NASCAR Car 24

Gordon Coloring Picture NASCAR Car at Yes Coloring

...Finally, get the right gear.

If you can find some good NASCAR gear, it will put you in the NASCAR mood fast. There's nothing like sitting down Sunday afternoon and watching the race with your favorite NASCAR hoodie, or jacket, or blanket or coffee mug.

The bigger the NASCAR fan, the more gear and NASCAR clothes they might have! Look around and see what kind of NASCAR gear you can use! You can find a lot of practical stuff with a NASCAR theme.

This will encourage you to enjoy NASCAR throughout the week! Look for NASCAR mouse pads for the office, or NASCAR bumper stickers for your car. You'd be surprised at how much stuff you can find online.

So, find something that excites you about NASCAR and thrive off of that for every race. Pick a driver to cheer for, whether he wins or loses. Remember every driver has his bad days.

Finally, get some good gear to keep you motivated. You might find you actually like NASCAR! Then, you can encourage your friends to get into it with you, as well! Good luck!

NASCAR Coloring Sheet of Jimmie Johnson #48

Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Coloring Sheet at Yes Coloring

Jimmie Johnson NASCAR Car Coloring Page

Johnson NASCAR Car Coloring at Yes Coloring

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Remember to put coloring sheets in your backpack with school supplies for sharing and quick fun artistic practice like pencil shading.

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NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr

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Dale Earnhardt Jr NASCAR Car

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