Gallant State Flags Coloring 02

Free State Flags Coloring Printables With Matching Pictures Of Banners For You To Easily Match Colors! Wow! Collect Flags For Idaho! Illinois! Indiana!...Montana!...


State of Idaho Flag Picture for Kids

Idaho state flag coloring picture at YesColoring

Official State Banners for
Idaho - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa - Kansas

Illinois State Flag Children Coloring Drawing

Illinois Flag Coloring at YesColoring

Indiana State

Indiana States Flag Color Page at YesColoring


Iowa State Flag Coloring at YesColoring


Kansas Flag printable at YesColoring
Click State Name for Color Picture of Its Flag Logo

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  • Idaho - Illinois - Indiana - Iowa
  • Kansas - Kentucky - Louisiana - Maine

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Government Flags to Print Out of Kentucky - Louisiana - Maine


Coloring Kentucky Flag at YesColoring


Coloring Louisiana Flag at YesColoring


Maine Flag Printable at YesColoring
Click State Name for Color Photo of Its Flag Symbol

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Gallant State Flags Coloring 02: Idaho-Montana

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America Headquarters

Gallant State Flags to Color at YESCOLORING

Kids, give a donation of 30-40 ribbon wrapped coloring pages to children's hospitals, orphanages, church and day care centers. It is easy to give: Go to hospital, go to nurse's station, hand her/him your coloring sheets!

Free to Print US Flags for Maryland - Massachusetts - Michigan


Maryland Flag Printable at YesColoring


Massachusetts Flag for Colouring at YesColoring


Michigan Flag Coloring at YesColoring
Click USA Government Name for Color Photograph of Its Flag Design

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"Gallant American Flags Coloring at YesColoring"

Gallant American Flags Printables at YesColoring Gallant American Flags Coloring at YesColoring

Learning For Children American Flags Printables
For Minnesota - Mississippi - Missouri - Montana


Minnesota Flag for Coloring at YesColoring

USA State Mississippi

Flag to Color Mississippi at YesColoring


Flag to Color of Missouri at YesColoring


Flag Coloring Montana at YesColoring

Click Name of State for Color Picture of Its Flag Colors

Betsy Ross Flag Trivia

The true meaning of the symbols of the 1776 American flag may be tied to ancient history.

Stars represented man's desire to achieve greatness. The common metaphor "reaching for the stars" developed from this idea. And, stars appeared in colonial flags as early as 1676.

George Washington may have influenced the use of stars, and red and white stripes from his family coat of arms.

The use of the colors red and blue in flags in the 1700’s may derive from the relative fastness of the dyes blue indigo and carmine red.

The circular star configuration of the Betsy Ross Flag may have been inspired by the circular halos in paintings of Jesus.

United States of America Flag Coloring of 1776 Flag

Learning for Kids Coloring of 1776 Betsy Ross Flag

1776 Betsy Ross Flag Coloring at YesColoring
Click Nations's Name for Color Picture of Its Flag Design
1776 Flag Betsy Ross Flag

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