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What Boys Know Is To Learn What Men Know!

What Boys Know About Wisdom, Common Sense, plus Street Smarts!. Tips For Growing Boys On How To Handle Yourself, People and Situations...

What Boys Know #1: My Good Name And My Word

Build Yourself A Good Name And Keep Your Word.

  • You gain goodwill and masculine manhood.
  • Good men can put weight down on you.
  • You will handle good times plus hard times.

"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches..." Proverbs 22:1

"God Exalts His Word Above His Name" Ps. 138:2

What Boys Know #2: Keep My Mouth Shut

Some guys talk themselves into trouble, stolen stuff and busted teeth.

Shut your mouth about your business and keep your stuff and teeth.
Don't play me, boy, you know I am talking about your:

  • family
  • money
  • new stuff
  • where you're going
  • where you've been
  • your pearly whites

When anyone asks about your dad's and mom's business, tell them to speak to dad or mom.

What Boys Know #3:
Stay Out of Strangers' Arguments

Do Not Add To Your Own Troubles

You're passing by fussing and cussing folks. Keep moving.
Messing in other people's business is like grabbing fighting dogs by their ears.

"He that passeth by and meddleth with strife belonging not to him, is like one that taketh a dog by the ears." Proverbs 26:17

What Boys Know #4: I Care For My Pets

Real Men Are Tender Toward Their Pets.

Feed, clean, exercise and spend time with your animals.
Train and discipline your pet, if needed.
Do not be mean to any animal.
Don't poke'em with sticks, starve, burn, or drown them.

What Boys Know #5: Do Not Change A Man's Words

Changing What A Man Said or Wrote Is A Form Of Lying

Let's say, Bobby told you to eat two slices of his pizza.
You eat one slice of Bobby's pizza. You eat one slice of Jeff's pizza.
You tell Jeff Bobby said you could eat two slices of pizza.
They are ashamed of you for lying (and stealing) and beat you down for changing Bobby's words.

"Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar." Proverbs 30:6

What Boys Know #6:
I Do No Dirt - I Am Not Afraid

Do Not Do Wrong When You Are By Yourself

A guy does dirt. No one sees or hears him. He stills run scared.
The laws of nature saw him, will man-hunt him and will punish him.

You do right. Someone says you did wrong. You don't run.
Take authority. Get in their face. You stand like a bold lion for yourself.

"The wicked flee when no man pursueth: but the righteous are bold as a lion." Proverbs 28:1

What Boys Know #7:
Do Not Make Fun of Poor People

Do Not Be Glad At Someone's Hard Times.

Crazy Jason made fun of poor Larry's hard times. Larry lives at the homeless shelter. One day Jason gets robbed. Why? Jason was punished.
Poor Larry's Maker took Jason's mocking to heart.

"Whoso mocketh the poor reproacheth his Maker: and he that is glad at calamities shall not be unpunished." Proverbs 17:5

What Boys Know #8:
Use Hydrogen Peroxide for Razor Burns

When the time comes - treat your handsome shaven face to hydrogen peroxide

The stuff in the brown bottle soothes razor burns, shaving nicks and razor bumps. Plus, your skin heals faster.

  • Pour a capful into your hands
  • Rub your hands together
  • Pat your face
  • Dry your face after the bubbling stops

Use hydrogen peroxide for:

  • paper cuts - scratches - scrapes - cold sores
  • mouth rinse after brushing and dental cleanings
  • close barber haircuts

What Boys Know #9: Eat Apples - Drink Lemonade

An Easy Way To Stay Healthy

Apples pump up your brain.
Count your cash for a bag of apples.
Eat one or more apples everyday.

Real Lemons. Four fresh squeezed lemons - grade A maple syrup (two+ tablespoons) - and a pinch of red pepper = one gallon. Serve hot or cold.

Apples and lemons keep your body strong and brain brainy.

What Boys Know #10: Protect Your Sister

Your Sister(s) Is Your Family

A man - no matter his size - will protect his sister.
He must have the reputation of defending his sister.
Guys know not to play the fool with your sister.

What Boys Know #11:
How To Sing 'My Funny Valentine'

A Man Can Sing One Good Ballad

"My Funny Valentine" is a good masculine song. Practice singing. Be serious. Be mature. It builds your confidence and boldness.

My funny Valentine
Sweet comic Valentine
You make me smile with my heart
Your looks are laughable
Yet you're my favorite work of art

Is your figure less than Greek?
Is your mouth a little weak?
When you open it to speak are you smart?

But don't change a hair for me
Not if you care for me
Stay little Valentine stay
Each day is Valentines Day

Free Printable Version of 'My Funny Valentine' Lyrics

Listen to performances by Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr or Nat King Cole.
Sing to mom. Sing to sister. Sing to your future wife! (Warning! Do not sing 'My Funny Valentine' to a girlfriend unless you want to get married!)

What Boys Know #12: Be Clean and Funk Free

Body Maintenance Is Easy

Bathe/Shower - Clean your teeth - Trim your nails

Change your socks - undershorts - jocks everyday.

Carry a handkerchief for quick nose maintenance: runny, bloody, and sneezy.

What Boys Know #13: Think Everyday

Ponder The Deep Matters Of Life

Find good quiet places to think -- your room, any library.
This thinking time is not the same as schoolwork or homework.
No radio. No TV. No company. Tell folks to leave you alone.
Be strong. Spend at least 15 minutes in thought. Take a watch.
Think about:

  • what kind of man you want to be
  • how to be a better son
  • what type of family man you'd like be
  • what kind of work you would like to try
  • anything that interests you
  • how to solve a disagreement

Write down questions for later. Read. Talk with men you admire.

What Boys Know #14: Do Not Be Shy

Shyness Is A Waste Of Time

Speak up and out. Be respectful. Be bold.
Being shy is weakness, fearfulness and selfishness.

What Boys Know #15: Fill It Below the Brim

Easily Handle Containers

Control your soft drinks, hot chocolate or tea. Pour liquids, even gasoline and oil, below the edge of glasses or containers.
It cuts down on:

  • splashing, spilling, sloshing
  • burning, wiping, washing
  • refills, repays and delays

What Boys Know #16: Show Your Serious Side

Do Not Be A Kid Everyday

Wear a necktie once a week - not including Sunday.
Bow ties? Suits? Go for it. Be thick-skinned.
Laugh with the jokers. Do not cry. Do not get angry. Look the bad-mouths in the eyes, then walk away.
You are a man. Show your serious nature.

What Boys Know #17:
Cool Guys Who Betray Others - Kick'em To The Curb

Do Not Fool With An Untrustworthy Guy Even If He Is A Nice Guy

Do not depend on a friendly fella who cannot be trusted during good times or fun times.
An unfaithful fella will mess you up during bad times. You'll be left holding the bag.


What Boys Know #18:
Not To Steal From Father or Mother

Always Honor Momma and Daddy

A man will not rob, steal or be sneaky toward his Pa and Ma.
The hard laws of nature will be on autopilot against a son who rips off his parents.

"Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee." Exodus 20:12

What Boys Know #19: Men Know Not to Brag

You Know You Are Successful - A Winner

Let someone else compliment you.
You do not need a big head. Control your vanity.

What Boys Know #20:
How to Go Back to School with Guts

Do Not Show Fear, Young Man. Make Your First Day Smooth...

Do not be shy. Speak up. Be respectful. Be bold...

  • Tell the other guys your name. Shake their hands.
  • Tell the girls your name. Shake their hands.
  • Go tell the teacher your name. Say: "Hello, My name is__. Nice to meet you."
  • Speak to the principal, office lady, cafeteria lady and nurse.

What Boys Know #21:
Do Not Under Sleep or Over Sleep

Give Your Brain And Body A Recharge

Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Rest when you are tired.
When you are finished sleeping or resting get up, get going.

What Boys Know #22: Control Your Appetite

Pay Attention To Your Belly Signals

When You Get Full - Stop Eating or Drinking

What Boys Know #23:
Laugh with Gusto, Enjoyment and Zeal

Laugh With Passion And Pleasure

Do not giggle - a shy laugh
Do not snicker - a disrespectful laugh
Do not snort - a laugh through your nose

Laugh with people not at them.
If you do something embarrassing, laugh at yourself.

What Boys Know #24: Men Know to Work

Work Includes Labor, Thinking and Creativity

Men know not to lollygag - not to be lazy.
Men know to remember where they are going - remember what they are doing - remember why they are doing what they do.
Stay Focused.

What Boys Know #25: How To Lead

A Good Leader's Commands Are Not Mysterious

Tell Your People:
Where You Are Going
Why You Are Going, and
How You Will Get There.

"Tell them, tell them what you told them, then tell them again." General Colin Powell

What Boys Know #26: To Try A Little Tenderness...

Toward Daddy, Momma, Brother, Sister, Grandmama, Granddaddy

  • Show Respect: "Thank You" - "Yes Sir" - "Yes Daddy" - "Yes Ma'am" "Yes Momma"
  • Be Still When They Talk to You
  • Give A Kiss
  • Give A Handshake
  • Ask If They Need Any Help
  • Gentleness - No Hot Tempers
  • Give A Gift
  • Tell a Funny Joke
  • Use Kind Words

What Boys Know #27: Do Not Sweat Cleaning Up

Handle Your Cleanliness and Organization

Do not feel good or bad about chores.
You just get them done.
This builds self-control, order, patience, and honor.

What Boys Know #28: Anti-Bully Offensive
Do Not Be The Victim

Walk About With A Fist.

  • Let your fist arm hang loose at your side. Relax your fist.
  • Make a fist if you wear gloves.
  • When a bully looks your way hard squeeze your fist at your side.
  • Frown or smile (show no teeth) at the bully.
  • Practice at Home - In Front of The Mirror, Too.

Say, "Stop Disrespecting Me" (Girls, this is good offense for you, too. Use it.)

  • Look the bully/bullies square in the eyes.
  • Calmly say, "Stop Disrespecting Me".
  • Speak loudly. Do not scream.
  • Say, "Stop Disrespecting Me", two or three times.
  • Practice at Home - In Front of The Mirror, Too.

Do not be shy. Bullies are not shy. You are not shy either. Shyness is a waste of time. Lighten your backpack load. Learn how to box, watch an Ali or Rocky flick, learn how to street fight or study martial arts.

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What Boys Know #29: Avoid The Cold Water Punishment

Learn To Obey Immediately

Do as you are told so Mom and Dad will not splash you with a pot of cold water.
Yes. You have to change your clothes and mop up the mess.

What Boys Know #30: Feel Cool and Clear Inside Yourself*

Pay Attention To Your Heart

Men do not lie about their successes.
Men do not lie to get attention.

*Quote from "Soldier's Home" by Ernest Hemingway.

What Boys Know #31:
Do Not Glorify Your Good Looks or Body

You Are One Among Many Handsome Guys

If someone says you are handsome or ugly say, "Thank You".
If someone says you are pretty or cute say, "No. I am handsome".
Then, talk about something else, or go help daddy or mama, study, or finish one of your projects.
Dress nice - Keep a good haircut - Keep a good personality and character.

What Boys Know #32:
How To Say "Stop Disrespecting Me"

Command Respect From Mockers and The Foolish

When a kid or grown person speaks, touch or show you something in a bad or dirty way, say, "Stop Disrespecting Me".

They will laugh or get upset, so say it again, "Stop Disrespecting Me".

They are not embarrassed, shy or afraid. You will be bold, too.

Look them in the eyes. Speak up and out.
Practice at home in front of the mirror. Practice with someone.

What Boys Know #33:
How to Be Still and Quiet

Buckingham Palace Guards Master Their Bodies. They Do Not Move Until They Want To.

You can do this at school, in the car, at church, etc.
First, practice alone. No television, music, or video games during the count.
Uncross your hands, arms, legs and feet. Unball your fingers and toes. Relax. No scratching. No rubbing. Now...

  • Do Not Move. Count to 5. Stop. Relax.
  • Do Not Move. Count to 10. Stop. Relax.
  • Do Not Move. Count to 20. Stop. Relax.

Count slowly (do not play me, boy).
If you move during the count restart at number one.
When you are still and quiet and at peace you have succeeded. Can you feel your strength?!
You will soon be in control anywhere. Sweet!

What Boys Know #34: Tell The Truth When Afraid

Stop Trying To Remember What Lies You Told

Stick to the truth when you are under pressure, nervous, ashamed, or unsure.

What Boys Know #35: Slow Your Talking Speed

Hear What You Are Saying

Speaking slower makes you mature, manly and masterful.
Talking too fast muddles your thoughts.
Practice in front of the mirror. Practice with a tape recorder, too.

What Boys Know #36: Fake Friends Countermove

You do not owe a friend who helps you then asks you to do wrong.

Suppose your cousin fixes your bike. Later, he boldly asks you to lie about something 'cause he fixed your bike.

Say the popular guys invite you to play. Later, they laugh and boldly ask you to steal for them 'cause they let you hang with them.

Counter their move:

  • Look him/them in the eyes.
  • Boldly say, "Don't play me. You are not my friend. I owe you nothing."
  • Turn and walk away. They are not your friends.

Practice at home in front of the mirror.

Teach your sisters and female buddies this defense.

What Boys Know #37: How To Pay Bills

Keep Your Stuff From The Repo Man

Get Pa and Ma to teach you how to pay rent, car notes, electricity, credit cards, buy groceries and such.
  • Count the money amounts due
  • Add - subtract on hand money
  • Write the check - money order (do not use crayons!)
  • Learn to pay by telephone - internet - in person
  • Arrange late payments with customer service

Take to heart money priorities when cash is short:
A roof over your head or a Nintendo game?;
Bread, meat and eggs to eat or candy?;
Car, gas, and auto insurance or a dirt bike?

Be manly. Keep your mouth shut about family business!

What Boys Know #38: How to Pray

Pray for Protection - Power - Wisdom - Street Sense
Everybody knows The Lord Jesus' Prayer by heart. (Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4)

  • Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
  • Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
  • Give us this day our daily bread.
  • And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
  • And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil:
  • For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

Straight Talk Prayer - Sit in a chair or lay on the bed and start talking:

  • protection - power - knowledge - wisdom
  • think - wonder about - are afraid of
  • like - do not like - need
  • want - how to handle bad situations
  • how to be a man

Put weight down on God. He can be trusted. Do not be two-faced. Do not be shy. God is not shy.
Keep your mouth shut about your prayers. It your and God's business.

What Boys Know #39: Respect Granddaddy

Show Grandfather The Greatest Honor You Can Give To Any Man

  • Go to see him
  • Call him or handwrite him letters
  • Ask him about life, how to handle people, how to handle money
  • Do stuff around the house or yard for him (ask first)
  • Make his hobbies your hobbies
  • Do not be shy toward Grandpa
  • If he is a mean old cuss, speak your mind respectfully
  • If he tells you to shut up, you stop talking
  • Never bad-mouth your grandpa
  • Never pout or act like a baby around Grandpapa
  • Give your Grandfather gifts

If you do not have a grandpa, show respect to your uncles.

What Boys Know #40: Learn From Manly Men

Masculine Character and Behavior To Watch For:

Clear Thinking, Steadiness, Patience, Calmness, Humor, Control of Fears, No Crying, No Shaking, Boldness, Sharing, Educated, Dependable, Keep Their Word, Respectful, Cleverness

Good TV Shows:

  • Rifleman: Lucas - Mark
  • Andy Griffith: Sheriff - Opie
  • The Big Valley
  • Gunsmoke: Sheriff - Festus - Doc
  • Combat! Saunders - Hanley

Good Movie Shows and Characters:

  • John Wayne Flicks
  • Clint Eastwood Cowboy and Dirty Harry Movies
  • Bruce Willis Action Flicks
  • Bruce Lee Movies
  • The Transporter
  • Patton

Read About:

  • David's Adventures in 1 Samuel Chapters 16 and 17
  • Joseph's Adventures in Genesis Chapters 37 thru 48
  • General George S Patton

WhatBoysKnow #41: Handle Yourself Better

Always Look For Ways To Improve Yourself

Here are somethings to do for yourself and family:
Become More Dependable:

  • Organize and control your stuff:
    toys - clothes - school supplies - bed - bathroom
  • No back talk or whining to momma, daddy or teacher
  • Keep your mouth shut about family business
  • Stand up to your friends when they are wrong
  • Be gentle towards younger brothers and all your sisters
  • Give mama some space - do not sit up under mommy or grandmama

Take on new responsibilities:

  • Chores
  • Projects: Mechanical - Scientific - Arts - Sports
  • Read, Write, Math at the next grade level
  • Read Your Bible - Men of Authority and Power Know the Scriptures

WhatBoysKnow #42: Bring Glory To Your Family

Honor Your Family and Family Name With Your:

  • Deeds
  • Work
  • Talents
  • Personality
  • Morals
  • Manliness
  • Stick With Your Family During Hard Times

What Boys Know #43: Defense For Sisters And Girl Friends

When A Man Or Boy Disrespect You Call Him "Sir".

Sir is a title of honor created by God.
A man or boy responds with care and dignity when he is called Sir.
If he is not manly he will leave your presence.

Look Him/Them In The Eyes and Say, "Sir (Sirs)..."

  • A guy grabs you: You say, "Sir, please let go of me."
  • A boy younger than you talks dirty: You answer, "Sir, stop disrespecting me (us)".
  • A boy lustfully touches, bumps or pushes you: You reply, "Excuse me, Sir."

(If a grown man or woman tries to shame you immediately tell Jesus, and tell your parents.)

Practice saying "Sir" at home in front of the mirror - Practice with your dad, brother, or male friends, too.

Boys, this is good defensive move for you against bullies (older or younger than you). Practice calling them "Sir".
If the bully is a girl call her "Ma'am".
She responds with feminine grace or leaves your presence.

Free Printable Version Defense For Your Sisters And Girl Friends

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"What Boys Know" #43: Defense For Sisters And Girl Friends

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What Boys Know #44: Power Play: How To Forgive

Forgiveness is POWER.

You want power? Jesus gave you this power.
When you forgive you stop being the shrimp, the sucker and the victim. Use your power. Do not give your power away.

  1. Do Not plot or plan to collect respect, honor, or glory from your enemies or the persons you love.
  2. Say, in your heart, "I forgive (name the person or people)". It is alright if you do not know their names; God knows their names.
  3. Practice in front of the mirror. You will feel the power grow inside you.

"Why didn't Jesus help me before?" It was not the time. Now is the time. Grab it. Run with it. Let no one talk you out of your power.
It is Jesus's job to handle people who hurt you. He will show you what He did.

Your free manhood presents: Stronger mind, body, intelligence, and common sense. Teach your brothers and sisters how to use their power to forgive.

Bible Book Matthew 6:9 (Again, Do not let anyone take your power.)

What Boys Know #45: Make A Decision

When a decision has to be made - make it.

what Boys Know #46: Listen to Your First Thought

The first thought about a matter is usually your best idea or decision. It comes fast. Act on it.
The second or third thought can cause doubt.
The 1st thought is also called your first mind.

what Boys Know #47: Honor Someone Who Does Well

When your brother, sister, mom, dad, friend or classmate does good tell them.
Tell them in private or honor them before others.

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